Entropy Coding, Tales Of The Moon

Band: Entropy Coding
Title: Tales of the Moon
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Symphonic/prog metal
Release date: 19 Jan 2018



1. Once Upon A Time
2. Neon In The Dark
3. Feel The Air
4. Luna
6. Running Before The Dawn
7.Knight Prisoner
8. The Wolf's Trap
9. Shining Through Our Light

Susanna Coltrè
Keyboardist, Pianist and Composer
Emiliano Cantiano: Drums
Leonardo Barcaroli: Bass

Melania Petrillo: Vocals

Giovanni Saulini: Vocals

Filippo Rosati: Guitars

Fabrizio Proietti: Guitars

Cristiano Neila: Guitars

Vlad Voicu: Guitars

Davide Catania: Guitars

Danilo Carrabino: Guitars

Born in the 2015, Entropy Coding is a band created by the keyboardist and main composer Susanna Coltrè. The main purpose of this project is to reinterpret in a new way the symphonic metal genre, using prog and power metal elements with innovative voices. She needed to collaborate with 10 musicians, specialized in different musical genres. In January 2018, the debut album “Tales of the Moon” is out in digital distribution with the music label Agoge Records.
A contribution to this project was the meeting with the producer Gianmarco Bellumori (Agoge Records), who was able to give form to Susanna's work, creating an original and personal sound during the recording period made at Wolf Recording Studio.
Eight the tracks contained in this work, excluding the intro, the short intro "Once Upon A Time”, anticipates the first song “Neon In The Dark" with an heavy guitar, heavy as the voice that reach different levels and with a guttural indication.
Ambient heavy melodic is the piece "Feel The Air", with a good drum section and the male voice of Giovanni Saulini in a duet with Susanna, creating a special atmosphere and good melodies.
More melodic is the track "Luna" a beautiful piece where the atmosphere the atmosphere it’s more poetic, given by the fact that the sung in Italian language results to be more melodious.
Ambient intro again for "Eclipse" that transforms itself in an epic music made of suggestive visions, one of the best piece of "Tales Of The Moon".
The delightful “Running Before The Dawn” is another good piece, great atmosphere in this song, the formidable melodies make of this track a powerful sound that that mirrors the artistic nature for the composition of the whole album.
"Knight Prisoner" is another enchanting song, beautiful “The Wolf's Trap” and elegant in its powerful music “Shining Through Our Light” ends the album and it does with a brilliant class, good song, good harmonies.
An unrealistic atmosphere in this album, a magical world, the melodies flowing in "Tales Of The Moon", in a pleasant way. Another good Italian musicians’ proof for a intense work.

Valeria Campagnale


 “Feel The Air” Official Video