Band: Embryo Title: A Step Beyond Divinity  Genre: Death Metal Label: Art Gates Records Release date: 24 November 2017

Band: Embryo
Title: A Step Beyond Divinity
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Art Gates Records
Release date: 24 November 2017


1. The Same Difference
2. Overwhelming your Disgust
3. Vanguard for the Blind

4. Painting Death

5. Looking for the Divine

6. Solitaria 1519
7. Leonardo

8. The Greatest Plan
9. Bastard of the Brood

10. Mouth of Shame

11. Witness of your Life
12. The Horror Carved

Roberto Pasolini // Vocals
Eugenio Sambasile // Guitars
Simone Solla // Keyboa
Danilo Arisi // Bass
Enea Passarella // Drums

The band was born in the year 2000. Combining the most brutal Death Metal with atmospheric. After releasing three studio albums:” Chaotic Age”, ”No God Slave” (2010) and ”Embryo” 2015) and sharing stages  with artists as Keep of Kalessin, Melechesh, Nile, Tribulation, Embryo released their new and fourth record on October via Art Gates Records, “A Step Beyond Divinity “, a concept album based on Leonardo da Vinci, a man who became the symbol of his time but lived his entire existence in the future. With "A Step Beyond Divinity", the band remaining close to their roots with highlight music and a strong creativity.
The opener “The Same Difference” is a melodic synth piece in its intro that the deep voice intertwines with brilliant guitars.
 “Overwhelming Your Disgust” is made of heavy and wild rhytms supported by an explosive drum.
More ‘slowly’ is “Painting Death” accentuated atmosphere by the gloomy voice  
The restless synth “Solitaria 1519” gives us  a swooshing sound, technical, with a faster instruments. 
Absolutely great the song “Bastard of the Brood” where the entire band, gives their potential musical work, the highlight of “A Step Beyond Divinity”, really a great piece.
“Leonardo” in which the most essential highlight is the intensity made by the soft keyboard and the gloomy feeling. Another great track.
"Looking for the Divine" with a vein of l prog-jazz, gives an vigorous touch for another good song. 
Heavy a dense style still continues in “Witness of Your Life”, keep the listener's attention alive.
The heavy and strong “The Horror Carved”, with female vocals emphasizes the sound and add more emphasis to the pièce. 
“A Step Beyond Divinity” is a complicated, technical and well done concept album, with
violent, atmospheric, melodic and symphonic sounds.
Embryo are able to reach articulate pieces with melodic moments, a good recording album that will appreciated by melodic and brutal death’ fans.

Valeria Campagnale



Embryo – “The Same Difference” Official Video