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Band: Elysium
Title: Labyrinth Of Fallen Angels
Genre: Symphonic Folk Gothic Heavy Rock
Label: Lion Music 

Release Date: 23 maggio 2019


1- Black Hole
2- Evanescent
3- Before The End
4- Turn around
5- Fight for all Your Love
6- Close to You
7- Siren
8- Higher State
9- Nobody Knows
10- Here I Am

Daphne Nisi – voice and choruses
Marco Monetini – bass
Christian Arlechino – violin
Flavio Lovisa – drums
Simone Moratto – guitars
Marco Sinopoli – keyboards

"Labyrinth of Fallen Angels", debut album of the Italian band Elysium that ranges from symphonic, gothic, classical, folk and rock music, all with an orchestral sound and the lyrical singing of the talented singer Daphne Nisi.
Already with the opening track, "Black Hole" turns out to be a pleasant surprise, an orchestral opening captures the attention, a musicality that goes to expand more and more and then result in a powerful rock song.
As well as the following "Before The End, more oriented towards a more electronic rock, at least at its beginning, with a mixture of melancholy and evanescence (not referred to the other band), where the voice sneaks in  between the robust musicality.
"Turn around", with a beautiful intro of violin and guitar and a musical timbre that is based very much on orchestration making it an alternation of tones and rhythms, beautiful guitar solo that stands out well above the sounds of the orchestra.
"Fight for all Your Love", a song, perhaps the only one that comes to touch the clichés of a symphonic rock, while more delicate and out of the box is the following "Close to You", in which the voice continues between well-dosed melodies.
Delicate in its intro is the following track "Siren", a song that once again gives an excellent epic metal, beautiful song with vivid colors and a well-defined orchestration, sweetness and anger, melody and sounds very marked make this piece, perhaps the best of this excellent debut.
Lighter are the following tracks, "Higher State" and "Nobody Knows", where Elysium are airy and easy to listen to.
A small variation at the end, "Here I Am" which, despite being an easy listening track, manages to show the artistic virtues of the band, such as the guitar solo, the violin, the always melodious voice and a nice massive rhythm.
If you're a symphonic rock and metal fan, "Labyrinth Of Fallen Angels" will win you over, a remarkable debut, for a fresh band that  has the right numbers to be able to emerge.

Valeria Campagnale


Elysium - "Turn Around"