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Band: Electric Revolution
Title: Burn It Down 
Genre:  Hard Rock
Self Released
Release date: January 1, 2019 


Prelude ~ Rise Of The Revolution ~(Part 1 ) 
God And The Devil
Burn It Down
Cookie Jar
Runnin Away
No Time For Love ~ (Coda)

Dave Lawson - Vocals
Brock Betz - Lead Guitar
Billie Pulera - Drums/Vocals
Chad Imler - Bass Guitar


The American Electric Revolution , after the release of an indie EP,  are back with the flaming self released album “Burn It Down”.
Electric Revolution inspired by 70S - 80s hard rock and heavy metal, presents such a good work surrounded by excellent blues.
Just only with “Prelude ~ Rise Of The Revolution”, the band makes it very clear what's going on, a rough sound, without frills, an eclectic guitar that may recall the virtuosity of Master Steve Vai. Little more than two minutes giving an electrifying impact.
Follows “Tempted”,  another song that smells of dust and the long American streets, in our collective imagination. A raw hard rock, as it should be, "Tempted" plays a lot on the sound of the guitar and the rough voice that actually manages to characterize not only the song but this band.
One of my favorite is the following “God And The Devil”, so seventies in its structure and in the sound of guitars, an excellent musical composition that manages to capture in its spiral and lead into a vortex made of healthy rock.
“Burn It Down”  seems to recall the Kisses of the golden age with marked hints of blues, good mood for this song with a great solo guitar in it.
Hell yeah! With “Surrender”  Electric Revolution  give us a fabulous, catchy piece. With references to Van Halen, the style of this song is clearly old school and can give emotions in symbiosis with the tastes of any rocker; brilliant drums and bass, great voice and such a respectable hard rock mood. Those who continue to say that rock is dead, should open their horizons and get shaken by this band.
“Cookie Jar”  it’s a soul influenced piece with great bass line, another piece decidedly well-settled with its metal echoes; respect for this pearl of the album.
Ok, this band can get into my rocking heart. Brilliant also the next one  “Runnin Away”,  a song with a soul totally rock, in eighties mood, catchy choirs and  good refrain.
To end this album, the semi-ballad “No Time For Love”, a slow track is almost inevitable in an album of all respect but I would also say that I find this track slightly subdued compared to the grit of the entire album.
 Electric Revolution have created a really great album I'd say, beyond my personal tastes, their style is exactly what you would expect from a real rock band. Good work and promoted with top marks.
Readers, run and buy a copy!

Valeria Campagnale


Electric Revolution - “Burn It Down” Official Audio