Band: DSease

Title: Rotten Dreams

Genre: Dark / Ambient Rock

Label: Sneakout Records

Release Date: December 15 2017




Alberto Niccoli: Vocals, Bass

Fabio Balducci: Guitars

Massimiliano Pretolesi: Synths

Gabriele Lasi: Drums


Massimiliano Pretolesi: Synth

Gabriele Lasi: Drums


01. Selfist Darky Tender

02. Baby Believes

03. With No Relief

04. Freak (Out Of My Head)

05. Updated Partner

06. Smile Over You

07. Wicked Sun

08. No One Will Hurt You

DSease, born from the ashes of Kardiod, a Rammstein tribute band, is a four-pieces band composed by Alberto Niccoli (Lead Vocals, Bass), Fabio Balducci (Guitars), Gabriele Lasi (Drums) and Massimiliano Pretolesi (Synths). Despite Gabriele and Massimiliano departures after the recordings, the two remaining members decided to keep the project alive, creating an interesting album.
The band release the album “Rotten Dreams”, containing eight tracks, a mix of grunge influences, electro rock, metal music elements and good ideas and oldies memories.
“Rotten Dreams” is opens by “Selfist Darky Tender” that sounds good with ‘80s imprint in its electro style and Alberto Niccoli’ voice, intense and harder in its dark metal alternative.
“Baby Believes”, the second track of this album, is on the same melancholy mood, between dark and indie music.
The third song “With No Relief”, is a very good piece, where gloomy atmosphere embraces a harder sound.  

“Freak (Out Of My Head)” is crescent track, where dark and epic sounds meets to give us a remarkably song.
“Updated Partner”, one of my favorite piece of the entire album, where distortions prove the conceptual atmosphere of this work, decadence meets hard music and gives a touch of industrial sound to this song.
Catchier and easy is “Smile Over You”, while “Wicked Sun” is more hard and, rough and intense.
Introspective the last track “No One Will Hurt You”, a brilliant piece where every single instrument is placed in the right moment, in the perfect way, melded each other to create such a sophisticated atmosphere. Absolutely a good choice to close this album.
Brilliant debut for DSease, “Rotten Dreams” is the proof that tribute bands can be more good than the original, with fresh ideas and brilliant music.
The distorted sounds and the cutting voce, are the point of reference for this band that shows how much valid it is.
Respectable instrumentalists that made a good job for passion. And more could not be asked for.
Valeria Campagnale

DSease - "Rotten Dreams" Official Album Teaser