Band: Double Experience

Title: Unsaved Progress
Genre: neo rock
Label: Colfax Music

Release date: 2016


1.So Fine


3.The Glimmer Shot

4.See You Soon


6.Exposure Exposure

7.Death of Lucidity


9. Weakened Warriors

Double Experience - nerd rockers or neo rockers as you prefer, from Ottawa, Ontario, is a trio and with their recent album, “Unsaved Progress”, released in the spring of 2016, are at their third album containing nine astounding tracks. Honestly, I’ve never heard from them and I’ve to admit their music is good fresh air into the whole rock scene. Good mood for this album that’s start with the track “So fine”, which instantly catapults us in this work. Thrilling heavy guitars, a clear vocal and a massive rhythm that made this song pretty good. More ambitious is the follower “AAA”, an additional brilliant rock song that reach directly the rock vision of this band, I can’t say if it’s a nerd song or not, what I can say is such a good piece that put of good humor.
More slowly is “The Glimmer Shot”, one of the highpoints of “Unsaved Progress” with a good melodic music and the vocals that creates a good pathos in this song.
So different to the other pieces, we find “See You Soon”, with a heavy touch and high guitar levels. Great song in my opinion.
“Impasse”, is another brilliant track, with higher and lower changes of tempo, during its duration.
An energetic riff starts “Exposure Exposure the same guitar we’ll find in the middle of the song with a heavy attitude. Absolutely a catchy track and another highlight of this album.
The follower “Death Of Lucidity” contains heavier guitar again, making this track a good ‘messy’ mixed with melodies and vitality, this song is different as well from the other songs previously listened.
Brilliant bass line for the intro of “Godzilla” almost near to industrial genre that abandon this sound to reach melodies again.
“Weakened Warriors” ends the album and it does with a heavy sound, good choice to close “Unsaved Progress”.
Double Experience is a very interesting band, the album is easy listen, catchy and heavy just enough to be liked to everyone, as rock followers as heavy metal listeners, it’s not pretentious album, it’s just that kind of music you want to listen to when you need of good mood. Excellent Double Experience!

Valeria Campagnale



Double Experience - "So Fine" Official Video