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Band:Dizzy Mystics
Title: Wanderlost
Genre: Aleternative Rock
Release Date: 3 May 2019



1. Letter (4:42)

2. Shindigjig (4:43)

3. Fallasophy (5:02)

4. The Frequent See, Consistent Seas (2:50)

5. The Anti-Dream (5:09)

6. The Scythe Pendulum Swing (7:33)

7. Diamond Duller (4:56)

8. Jaunter (5:26)

9. Rester (Analog Chameleon) (5:01)

10. Wanderlost (11:09)

Kyle Halldorson - Vox/Guitar
Alexandre Joyal - Guitar/Vox
Jeffrey Laird - Drums/Vox
Aaron Bacon - Bass/Vox

It seems that Canada has recently become the new cradle of the rock genre, of the innovative and full of surprises, just like the band Dizzy Mystics that presents the album "Wanderlost", coming out on May 3.
"Wanderlost" is a self-produced album and I would say very well, containing ten tracks of rock sometimes psychedelic, melodic and sometimes melodic.
A sound that approaches the sound of Tool, passing through the musicality of Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd, this to give you an idea of the proposal contained in "Wanderlost".
To get this album off to a good start, the band nonchalantly pitches a high-sounding track like "Letter" in which the virtuosity of the guitar is its pivot, just listen to the wonderful solo. A very present and involving rhythmic a thrilling bass. A really good start.
Drum intro for the following track "Shindigjig", a song in which funky and progressive sounds intertwine, certainly a song of bright atmosphere.
Particularly interesting is “Fallasophy” with such good bass lines, vibrant and intense song in which it’s possible to perceive a soulful vein in the fragment of heavier sounds typical of the seventies and always that hint of funky that makes it really vivid.
As well as the following "The Anti-Dream" with some Spanish folk hints, a sound that might remind me of the early Red Hot Chili Peppers in some segment of the song, yet it's a fresh song with very special sounds.
The slowly “The Scythe Pendulum Swing”, a steeped in very intrinsic musicality, while “Diamond Duller”is more deeper with bluesy shadows and prog rock, another brilliant piece.
“Jaunter” turns a slowly funky sound with good melodies as well as “Rester”, two tracks that deserve a deeper listening to get in tune with the atmosphere that they can create.
“Wanderlost” closes the album with extreme elegance, a very subtle and delicate sound that manages to capture the imagination in its more than eleven minutes.
In twisting sounds and mood, Dizzy Mystics created a mellow work in which hard rock takes a chameleonic shape.
“Wanderlost” deserves a very thorough listening that will surely please the most refined palates and researchers of a sophisticated musicality.



Valeria Campagnale



Dizzy Mystics - “Letter” Official Audio