Disillusive Play, Open Arms
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Band: Disillusive Play
Title: Open Arms

Genre:  Hard Rock / Metal
Release date: January 19, 2018



1. Alpha
2. In the Blink of a Life
3. Open Arms
4. Watered Soil
5. White Dove
6. Stealing You Away
7. Final Decision Made
8. Her Lonely Mind
9. Emotionless
10. Open Arms (Extended Version)

Antigoni Kalamara: Voice,
Dimitris Knikos: Guitar,
Fotis Trivizas: Guitar,
Michalis Mytilinis: Bass,
Aris Dolianitis: Drums

 Special Guest:
Johnny Thermos (The Silent Wedding) on keyboards

Disillusive Play are part of the new generation of hard rock metal that is growing more and more in Greece.
With the debut album "Open Arms", the quintet, captain of the female vocalist Antigoni Kalamara, propose a solid album that graceful melody, maintains an imprint oriented more towards heavy metal.
Ten interesting tracks in the album, pieces that are easy to listen to thanks to the constant melody and the excellent that manages to be both gentle and aggressive.
The opener "Alpha" already shows a good dose of charge and manages to convey a good feeling with the listener, with well-marked riffs and a good massive dose of the rhythm section, the song is a pleasant listening that manages to involve.
Good also the second track “In the Blink of a Life” a fine harmony reinforced by the presence of massive guitars especially in the solo and an excellent rhythm section.
Beautiful the next "Open Arms" in which the game of guitars interweave a plot on which turns the melodic voice of Antigoni Kalamara, always characterized by variety and variety remarkable. A melancholic song, delicate but at the same time marked in which stands out a good musical preparation of the band itself.
If with the previous song Disillusive Playci has rocked, with the next song "Watered Soil" we are catapulted into a lunge of pure rock catchy with an engaging chorus that is pleasant to listen to.
A delicate intro for another highlight of this album, “White Dove”, which then evolves into a changing trend between soft and marked sounds, consisting of a song with guitar embroidery that fascinates.
Another genre is the following "Stealing You Away", in which the sounds come close to the prog. A good piece.
The ballad "Final decision made" has a folk feel and recalls Celtic music with delicate notes and a gentle singing, accompanied by an excellent orchestration in which the notes of the keyboards are amplified.
Again a wave of rock "Her Lonely Mind", while with "Emotionless", the band gets closer to a heavier sound.
The album closes with the extended version of "Open Arms" and if it has enchanted in the first version, with this one it succeeds in totally fascinating.
This good album deserves in its entirety for the skill of the band and for the breath of freshness that it manages to convey.

Valeria Campagnale



Disillusive Play - “In The Blink Of A Life”  Official Video