Artist: Dion Bayman Title: Better Days Genre: aor/melodic rock revew

Artist: Dion Bayman
Title: Better Days
Genre: aor/melodic rock
Label: Art Of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group
Release date: September 21, 2018


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1. Ready For The Real Thing
2. Rise And Fall
3. Better Days
4. The Best Times Of My Life
5. Leap Of Faith
6. Fallin’ For You
7. Pieces
8. Out Of Mind Out Of Sight
9. Cold
10. If I Could

Dion Bayman – All vocals and all instruments

After receiving wide acclaim for his previous three releases, Dion Bayman returns with his highly anticipated brand new studio album “Better Days”.  I’ve to admit I’ve never heard about this singer and multi-instrumentalist before but it is a pleasant discovery.
“Better Days” is pop rock oriented album, we can understand it since the opener "Ready For The Real Thing" a pleasant modern melodic rock,  a piece of sure effect and perfect for radio passages but that does not convince me at all, perhaps too obvious in its musical structure.
“Rise And Fall” is more melodic and with a good chorus easy to memorize and hum.
The title track “Better Days” is between Bon Jovi and the modern rock style, melodic, while “The Best Times Of My Life” is so rock and catchy enough to make me turn up the volume, the best track heard until now, absolutely brilliant!
The ballad “Leap Of Faith” is a classic, piano and voice at its beginning are amazing as the guitar solo.
Cherful and catchy is “Fallin’ For You”, good rhythm, good guitar as the refrain, good piece.
“Pieces” is another good song, with 80’s echoes and an excellent sound, yes, another awesome piece in this album.
Slowly is the following “Out Of Mind Out Of Sight”, while “Cold” could be a hit with its chorus, the right piece to listen to more and more and sing with Dion.
“If I Could” ends this interesting AOR melodic rock album and does in the best way, with an electro intro for a very melodic pop rock song.
If you like harmonic sounds, brilliant chorus and modern AOR rock sound, this album is perfect.

Valeria Campagnale


Dion Bayman - “Pieces" Official Lyric Video