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Band: Dimorfia
Title: Utopia
Genre: Heavy/Power/Symphonic Metal
Release date: 10 May 2017



1.    Alea Jacta Est 
2.    Signs of the Fall      
3.    Fatal Final Kiss      
4.    Utopia      
5.    Fear      
6.    Witch in Veil White      
7.    Dimorfia  
8.    Become God      
9.    Stand as One      
Maria Loti / Lead Vocals
Kimon Pantelidakis / Guitars
Nick Giogas / Guitars
Kleo Xenitidis / Bass
Stathis X / Keys
George Baltas / Drums and Vocals

Dimorfia band were born in 2008 in Thessaloniki, Greece. After different lineup changes,
on September 2013 Natasa and Bill, due to personal reasons, abandoned Dimorfia, giving way to Maria Loti (vocals) and Nick Giogas (guitars) to join the band. The lineup completed with Stathis Xatzioannidis (Πράσσειν άλογα) on keyboards. From that time Dimorfia united their different influences in music and the sound of the band changed a lot.
In 2017 they finally published the debut album "Utopia" containing nine tracks.
The instrumental intro “Alea Jacta Est” starts the album, music that accompanies us to the  track “Signs of the Fall”, an epic piece in which Maria Loti’s voice is absolute protagonist
leaning to the lyric opera vocalism in duet with male voice. The symphonic power metal music is present in all its power, a beautiful piece which foreshadows the entire content of the album, mildly guitars and harmonious air and a sweet carillon to ends this piece.
“Fatal Final Kiss” evolve in a solemn whirl of symphonic music and voices, great guitars give lashing of metal sound dragging all the other instruments into a further aggressive vortex.
The beautiful “Utopia” sees the angelic voice of Maria meet in a hug with soft sounds, really a huge piece that progress in a more hieratic music. Scenic passages in this song to make it enchanting.
Different is the follower “Fear”, abandoning the sweet and majestic air of the previous track, we move on to a more powerful and aggressive musicality, always played with great skill.
The classy “Witch in Veil White” departs from the previous “Fear”, centering between oriental and Celtic sounds, the created sound gives a more than original note. A sophisticated piece that sees moving between the sounds, delicate musical shadows and all the compositional originality of the band.
“Dimorfia”, another charming piece in which the music is more whirling, moving among different metal styles, with a hint also to growl, speed metal and mystic sounds.
The ambient intro of “Become God” become into a powerful sound in which music is becoming more and more exciting.
In an alternating of classical symphonic and power metal, “Stand as One” close the album, I could say that in this piece is contained the essence of the band. Musical vigor, vocal sweetness, harmony and temperament.
“Utopia” is an impressive debut album, a good power and symphonic metal played in a sophistication way, if you love this genre, you’ll fall in love with this work and you’ll listen it more and more.
Congratulations to Dimorfia who knew how to merge the essence of power and the elegance of symphonic music.


Valeria Campagnale

Dimorfia - "Stand As One" Official Lyric Video