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Band: Dendrites
Title: Grow
Genre: Groovy Southern Stoner rock
Label: Ikaros Records
Release Date: 14 June 2019



1.Get The Fuck
2.Bullet Dodger
3.Throwing Rocks
4.Dreamhouse Pt.1
5.Dreamhouse Pt.2
6.Leave Me Behind
7.One Hell Of A Ride
9.Snake Oil Merchant
10.I 'm Gonna Fly

Thanasis Tiblalexis  - Vox & Guitars 
Giorgos Alexiou - Guitars
Alekos Papathanasiou  - Bass  
Dimitris Amvrazis - Drums 



The groovy southern metal Greek band Dendrites, are ready to rock you all with the  upcoming LP “Grow” which will be release on 14 June 2019 via Ikaros Records.
Already  anticipated by the single “Leave Me Behind”, the album contains ten track of hard sound and groovy style for a stoner rock with such a great style.
Dendrites born in 2014 in Greece, has released in 2016, the debut s/t album and the video for "Whiskey Preachin' Motherfucker”, always with a stylistic imprint of the new album,
“Get The Fuck”, the first song in “Grow” is a heavy piece of brilliant a southern strong rock that combine stoner with metal in a combination between Soundgarden and Pantera, just to give you an idea of how powerful the start of this record can be. Great guitars, heavy rhythm section and a deep angry voice and sometimes low, perfectly interprets the song, making it even more aggressive. 
We start in the best way possible the journey inside this album and we continue in an equally impetuous way with "Bullet Dodger".
This second track is in fact a violent and hypnotic piece, especially thanks to the guitars of Thanasis Tiblalexis, among other things the band's voice, with which he manages to structure excellent solos and an intriguing duet with the drums of Dimitris Amvrazis, another great piece with a heavy stoner flavor.
Equally interesting is "Throwing Rocks" with a vicious bass thanks to Alekos Papathanasiou  and  a deepest guitar sound, bewitching and swirling groove for a rabid and pressing rock stoner.
The first part of “Dreamhouse” is a delicate piece, based on a blues playing carpet and with velvety guitars on which it is based in a particular way.
While, the second part brings us back to the sound with which Dendrites present themselves, while remaining the trace of blues, more veiled.
“Leave Me Behind” is a beautiful hybrid track, the band manages to touch the stoner, the prog, the southern rock and the metal, a song very rich in sound then. I could say that this track is one of the highlights of the album but honestly these tracks are all so interesting that I would do wrong to the album, let's say then that it is one of my favorites, as it manages to collect more nuances in a single work.
The most powerful  “One Hell Of A Ride” is what we could call the classic metal piece in a certain sense, but the band manages to overturn even what is more classic and manages to maintain a stoner line even in this song, making it fresh and always very aggressive with a sound of distorted guitars.
Even with the following track "River", Dendrites doesn't go unnoticed, still an interesting track with a stoner mood and basically also melodic.
“Snake Oil Merchant” is a good piece, delicate in his intro and then explodes into a track that manages to contain both aggressive tones and again heavy, with others more oriented towards a hard stoner rock.
“I 'm Gonna Fly” closes the album in a very soft way with touches of class inherent to the blues, really elegant song in which the band manages to show incredible versatility, with delicate touches of guitar sensitive style and sax sound, for beautiful melancholic ending for an album in which there is absolutely nothing taken for granted.
“Grow”  is a great album, when I find myself in front of bands like Dendrites, I am heartened by the fact that rock music keeps many paths open in order to expose itself and continue its path.
Dendrites have certainly moved the right foot in a path that can take them very far. 


Valeria Campagnale


Dendrites - "Leave Me Behind"  Official Audio