Band: Dancing Crap  Title: This is sexy sonic alternative iron punk Genre: Hard Rock Label: Agoge Records

Band: Dancing Scrap
Title: This is sexy sonic alternative iron punk
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Agoge Records
Release date: Italy 12/10/2017 - Abroad 12/10/2017




1)  Acid

2)  Big F@ckin’ Deal  

3)  I Like It

4)  Renegades

5)  SWC  

6)  Ready For The Show
7)  The Rocker You’re Not

8)  My Goddess 

9)  Yet To Come

10)  Watered Down Drink

11)  Bitch… And You Know It

Line Up:
Ronnie Abeille - Voice
Eugenio Pavolini - Guitar
Sal Ariano  - Guitar
Bobby Gaz - Bass
Danilo “Wolf” Camerlengo - Drums

The roots of Dancing Scrap start in September 2012 when Ronnie Abeille (singer/composer) meets Bobby Gaz (bass). The band, after recruiting a guitar player and a drummer, debuted at Jailbreak, played in the most relevant rock clubs in Rome from 2012 to 2013 and released two demos (The main attraction - 2012, Commercial crap - 2013). At the end of 2013 Dancing Scrap moved to London, where they lived three months playing 15 shows (Nambucca, The Intrepid Fox, The White Lion, The Water Rats, Proud Camden and other venues). September 2014. Dancing Scrap signed with Agoge Records, allowing the band to record their debut album. "Cut It Out"comes out in September 2015, and it’s presented with a double release party: at Le Mura in Rome and The Cave in Amsterdam, where Dancing Scrap were booked for a few gigs. In October the band shared a gig in Rome with the well-known american rockers Warrior Soul. In 2016 they performed in eastern Europe and realized second video/single from “Cut it out”, “Sam”.
2017 started off with a second gig along with Warrior Soul and a moniker change into Dancing Scrap. Later on the band entered the studio to begin recording its follow up called “This is sexy sonic alternative iron punk”. The record, preceded by the single “I like it”, will be scheduled for October. They also planned a second U.K. tour playing a run of five dates in late November.
“This is sexy sonic alternative iron punk” , a pure rock album, contains eleven tracks, published via Agoge Records it’s a mix of influences and irony.
“Acid” open this album and it’s genuine piece of rock music, the follower “Big F@cking Deal”, it’s just another rock hit, great guitars and vibrant voice.
“I Like It“, the guitar solo and the catchy sound are protagonists of this piece, brilliant the rhythm section and the rock attitude.
Great bass line in the follower acid&south influenced “Renegades”, while  “SWC” is a sort of quiete moment in this brilliant album.
Dancing Scrap back with another excellent electro rock song “Ready For The Show“, original and good piece.
The band still rocking with “The Rocker You’re Not”, good piece and again a fabulous bass, it’s so fine my favorite instruments emerges in this good album.
Quiete interesting is “Yet To Come”, one of the most highlight piece of “This Is Sexy Sonic Alternative Iron Punk”, a fascinating mix of punk, industrial rock.

Good rock vibrations for "Watered Down Drink", a good track  again.
“Bitch… and you Know It“ close this work, and it do it in the best way possible, it’s just rock and roll!
Dancing Scrap made such a great album, another Italian group able to stand up to foreign big names, so c’mon guys, let’s rock with Dancing Scrap’  “This Is Sexy Sonic Alternative Iron Punk”, if you love rock, you'll love this album.
Just a note about the solo project  for histrionic vocalist Ronnie Abeille, which he's working to new stuff...stay tuned for more!

Valeria Campagnale



Dancing Scrap - "I Like It"  Official video