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Band: Corrosive Sweden
Title: Blood and Panic
Genre: Metal
Label: BMP Records
Release Date: 2019-04-26



1. Fire from a Gun
2. Blood and Panic
3. Speed
4. Angry Me
5. Angel or a Beast
6. Terrified as I Die
7. Parasite
8. At the Top
9. Black Paint

Johan Bengtsson - Vocals
Christer Ulander - Guitar, Keyboard, backing vocals
Peter Forss - Guitar, backing vocals
Daniel Hedin - Drums
Magnus Nordin - Bass



Corrosive Sweden are back more powerful than ever with the brand new album “Blood And Panic” already  previously announced by the single “Angry Me”.
This album will be the first released with BMP Records.
“Blood And Panic” is a reflection of band members personal lives, nine powerful, angry, intense and gloomy pieces form this excellent album.
A career started in 1997, three Eps, a live album and several singles, with "Blood And Panic" the band shows more their roots heavy metal, an album that strikes at first listening
It's in fact with "Fire from a Gun" that Corrosive Sweden make it clear from the beginning how this aggressive record will look like, a song with a granitic sound. Although the piece is melodic, the slush riffs support the entire structure of the piece together with a tight rhythm,
In fact, with the following track that gives the title to the album, "Blood and Panic", Corrosive Sweden continue with their sound grinds stones giving us another piece intense and pounding with riffs that capture the listener until the end of the song hammering together with rhythm section.
It's the turn of "Speed" that with a hammering sound with captivating guitars that give a metal with an aggressive flavor and maintaining a style purely speed metal, as is the entire piece, between a powerful drums and the captivating screaming.
The amazing “Angry Me” varies the tone slightly thanks to its delicate intro and then grow into a rabid piece in which the sound returns to be purely metal but with melodic streaks that infuse the song a kind of lightness, beautiful piano introduced in this song that manages to dampen the tones in an alternation of emotions. "Angry Me" in my opinion is one of the best tracks on this album for the variety that proposes and showing the histrionic side of the band.
Totally aggressive "Angel or a Beast" in which the riffage gets to touch an almost epic metal sound, more than excellent drums and bass, another song worthy of note.
“Terrified as I Die” is interesting, between a miscellany of dark, metal and sound gloomy that fascinates in its atmosphere halfway between thrash and speed metal. A remarkable structure that accentuates the unconditional aggressiveness of "Blood and Panic", excellent also the refrain.
Another top track from the album is the following "Parasite" does not leave the bite and offers a bad and angry sound without ever abandoning a melodic trace that is the constant of Corrosive Sweden music.
In”All The Top" the band again offers us an excellent piece of healthy metal with lashing rhythms and absolutely raw guitars and thrilling solos; another well-set shot who keeps showing us the band's angry soul.
“At The Top,” comes in and barrels through anything and anyone, and the listener is left wanting more when all is said and done.
“Black Paint” another granitic track that concludes this album that between fast guitars, tight rhythm and a rough sound, manages to instill a sense of restlessness, a closure at the height level of the entire album.
Corrosive Sweden are in good shape and can give a great job that overall is the result of the heavy metal foundations of the band, managing to build excellent structures with an engaging sound and the aggressive voice, welcome back guys!

Valeria Campagnale

Corrosive Sweden - “Angry me” Official Video