Artist: Claudio Signorile Title: Groove Experience Genre: Instrumental/Alternative/Rock Label: Self release Release date: 5 Diecember 2017

Artist: Claudio Signorile
Title: Groove Experience
Genre: Instrumental/Alternative/Rock
Label: Self release
Release date: 5 Diecember 2017

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1.  Horizon
2.  Bass Suite
3.  Unforgettable
4.  Groove Experiment
5.  When love ends
6.  Mosaic
7.  In my memory

Claudio Signorile – bass
Pierluigi Balducci,Vincenzo Maurogiovanni - Lead bass
Michele Campobasso - piano
Francesco Adessi and Danny Trent  - acoustic guitar
Aurelio Follieri - electric guitar
Rha Stranges  Francesco "Frums" Dettole – drums
Marcello Leanza – sax
Aurelio Follieri - electric guitar
Danny Trent - acoustic guitar

Six years after the publication of his first work entitled "A song 4 each day ...", Claudio Signorile returns with the album “Groove Experience” containing seven instrumental pieces, in which Claudio has dedicated himself to the songs composition and recording of his electric bass. All the other instruments have been played by the numerous musicians who complete the lineup of the album, difference of the previous work, almost completely realized autonomously, with the title "Groove Experience" the author intends to underline the will to follow, through the potential of his instrument, a double way: that of the "Groove" understood in a classical way, that is as simple accompaniment, thus leaving space to the improvisations of the other musicians / guests of the album. New "experience" with the electric bass, that is the exploration of different and particular sounds through the use of effects like delay, harmonizer, chorus, etc., as you can see by listening to the various compositions.
The new album by Claudio Signorile, confirms a remarkable, complex and multiform musician, who proposes pieces composed of an interesting musicality.
The album opens with “Horizon”, a song with two bass lines a rhythm and a soloist, creating an original sound with an excellent weaving with electronic music.
“Bass Suite” is pure harmony and groove, the highlight of this album, a particular and very interesting piece that show the Claudio’ charisma, absolutely brilliant.
The follower “Unforgettable” is composition for solo bass in which Claudio Signorile still showing his performance and cleverness.
“Groove Experiment” is another experimental piece, the bass is intertwined with synth, modern and fresh atmospheres for this piece.
Melancholy is “When Love ends”, a fusion sound made of great solo bass, piano and sax. A great air for this piece, another highlight.
“Mosaic”, bass and drums and a formidable guitar, a fusion of rock and electronic music.
Closing the album, another beautiful composition, “In my memory”, in which bass, acoustic guitar, drums and effects are alternated in vibrant and new solo lines.
Claudio Signorile created original and modern sounds in his “Groove Experience” album, an enjoyable and interesting conception of bass lines, such a good and pleasant album for an innovating artist.



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