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Band: BufferState
Title: Anthropy
Genre: Progressive stoner
Release date: 2018


1. Facehugger    
2. Bulk Being
3. Archean
4. Quiet Man

Peter Glas – Vocals and guitars

Sander Vergote – Guitars and vocals

Geert van der Plas – Bass

Jan Moerman – Drums

BufferState, a Belgian progressive/stoner metal band, that has just released a self-released debut EP entitled “Anthropy”, a heavy stoner mixed with different styles and with good a good melody.
“Facehugger” opens this EP and it does it with the good proposition to capturing the attention succeeding in its intent. This track is a brilliant raw piece of music in which guitars lead to seem like a lullaby then become very aggressive together with all the other instruments. A well done song where the voice is in perfect harmony in the whole of the musical context.
More hypnotic the follower track “Bulk Being”, with a good intro made of a brilliant bass line accompanied by a constant drum. Inspiring is the voice in this magnetic song, such an intensive piece, the real highlight of the entire EP.
 “Archean”, a massive attack of stoner, in its strong composition, made of violent sounds at its beginning, find space the laconic BufferState’ style, melancholy and astonished sound, just another good piece.
“Quiet Man” ends “Anthropy”, on same line of the previous tracks in which BufferState show off all the music roughness always accompanied to more melodic and gloomy notes. In this piece Peter Glas’ s voice remind me a younger Andrew Eldritch, that fits perfectly with entire sound.
I like this band, good atmosphere, a lightning of sounds, BufferState may be the future of the new progressive stoner.
Surely you stoner lovers, will like this EP, a pretty good band with own original ideas.


Valeria Campagnale