Broken Ego, review

Artist: Broken Ego
Album: Avenue To Wonderland
Genre: Industrial Rock, Synthpop
Label: Echozone
Release date: 2018



Chris Ego (vocals, all instruments, programming)

Liveband: Max Cor (Bass)
Mani Strasser (Guitar)
Johannes Marchart (Drums)

01. Electric Girl
02. Get Away
03. Rescue Me
04. See You Soon
05. Nobody Is Real
06. Everything Is Perfect
07. Never Know
08. Not Alone
09. Getting Higher
10. Do it Again
11. Retrocalypse
12. To The Edge Of Forever


The Austrians Broken Ego, are back with a new album, "Avenue to Wonderland" released via Echozone.
The album, clearly different to previous works released so far, shows a sound that goes beyond the dark atmospheres that the band had accustomed us to.
Distorted sounds leave room for a more sparkling mood heading towards the electric wave, indeed, halfway between new wave music and synthpop.
Just listen to the "Electric Girl" opener that with synth and rhythm typically 80s, brings me back with pleasure back in time, between post punk and new wave.
Songs like "See You Soon", "Not Alone" or "Do it Again" show exactly the electric wave side of this album.
Beautiful intros Bauhaus style for "Everything Is Perfect" that if indeed, the beginning reminds the memorable "Bela Lugosi's Dead", develops in a more catchy mood, it being understood that the band is not to be combined with the light music of the 80s .
Particularly fascinating, even if brief, is "Retrocalypse", which in a minute manages to gather a particular solemnity.
"Avenue To Wonderland" is for lovers of decadent, démodé sounds.
Broken Ego vaguely reminds me of Tom Verlaine's Television, melancholic but equally musically lively.



Valeria Campagnale




Broken Ego - “Electric Girl” Official Audio