Band: Blackwater Commotion 
Title: Strike One

Genre: Hard Rock

Label: Concorde Music Company
Release Date: May 10th 2019






01. Sled Of Coming
02. Waiting 
03. Metal Child
04. I Wish You Know  
05. You'd Better Hide Out 
06. Long Hard Ride 
07. Make It Through The Night 
08. Black Water 
09. Prelude 

Line Up:
Henkka Hako-Rita - Vocals
Ilkka Uusitalo - Guitars
Toni Saari - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mika Tikka - Bass
Perttu Tahtela - Drums


Finnish Hard Rock band Blackwater Commotion formed in 2012, has released its debut album “Strike one” via Concorde Music Company.
Nine hard rock and metal tracks with a sound that oscillates between seventies and eighties sounds, a hard’n’heavy style for Strike One.
It's with a nice groove and a pressing rhythm that we find in the opener "Sled Of Coming" with a very good bass and guitar in the intro, a song that develops in a hard rock tape that, to give you an idea, could be between the style of AC/DC and that of David Lee Roth in "Eat 'Em and Smile". The voice is very clear and groovy and can also keep the notes high. Great start really.
"Waiting" follows more or less the same line but very oriented towards a sound of the 70's with flashes of AOR sound and an excellent rhythm.
“Metal Child” it's a very eye-catching piece fresh and nasty, heavy and rough, a classic catchy track of good heavy rock, guitars show off their personality in full-bodied solos and choirs are absolutely gorgeous, great track for this album.
We slow down the rhythms with the romantic "I Wish You Know", a traditional ballad in which the sounds always manage to reach a pinch of AOR, without ever abandoning the ground in which the band bases its style, or a classic hard rock.
The band takes us back to a hard sound with "You'd Better Hide Out" where the beautiful bass lines stand out, a very good groovy track.
Rock a go-go for the following “Long Hard Ride”, where choirs and guitars stand out par excellence.
Another brilliant song, "Make It Through The Night", is oriented towards a classic eighties metal and manages to capture the essence of that period, adding its own style and refreshing it.
Also in this piece the guitars, in Maiden style, are absolutely not contained, on the contrary, they are well powerful and bright.
The following “Black Water” is also very classical, ranging from a wilder and always catchy hard rock, without forgetting melodies and a typical rock'n'roll mood, so catchy that it can not help but like and get caught up in its rhythm.
The album ends with another ballad, "Prelude", characterized by a darker sound that we don't find in any of the previous songs. A piece that vaguely reminds me of the sounds of Ville Valo's HIM, such a beautiful piece in which Blackwater Commotion reveal a different facet of their sound.
"Strike One
" contains good vibes and a rock soul for good.


Valeria Campagnale



Blackwater Commotion - “Sled of Coming”