Band: BlackHoleDream Title: The Brightside Vol.2 Genre: Rock Label: Volcano Records

Band: BlackHoleDream
Title: The Brightside Vol.2
Genre: Rock
Label: Volcano Records
Released 22 March 2018


1.Better off dead 
2.Bad girl          
4.The game         
5.Wrong direction     
6.Black & blue        
7.All that you want     
8.21 Oceans
9.Before it's too late    

Riccardo Saliceto - Guitar & Vocals
Biagio Totaro - Guitar & Vocals
Andrés Oliveros - Guitar
Edoardo Poggio - Bass
Mattia Caci - Drums

The BlackHoleDream headed back into the studio to start recording their highly anticipated second studio album with Andrea Fusini at Fusix Studio in Turin. The new album is a mix of rock/grunge/metal songs with some slower pop ballads, while most of the songs are radio-ready with catchy beats.
Ten tracks in this new release in which BlackHoleDream shows the verve of rock sound starting by the opener “Better off dead” heavy sound with a catchy rhythms and refrain.
More heavy the follower track “Bad girl”, but with the same catchy sound that reminds Green Day style in this piece. A bit of rock and Californian punk.
Nice is “Compromises”, a piece that does not differ from previous tracks, but it’s with “The Gane” that the band shows its rough style remaining a melodic song despite the music is heavier, good guitars, good voice and the bass line that accompany in a perfect style the drums section.
More easy listening is “Wrong direction” that manages to catch the attention and with a very catchy refrain that remains well impressed.
More softener “Black & blue” but always with a heavy rock imprint, these guys really knows how to concentrate the energy in every pieces.
Good sound for “All that you want” and “21 Oceans”, catchy the second one that could be a good song for an American TV show, light and captivating as the follower “Before it's too late”.  
The beautiful “Aisaka” closes the album, a very amusing music for this track, so brilliant and pleasant to listen and listen again.
BlackHoleDream made a very likeable album, easy sounds are alternate with stronger atmospheres, a swing of sounds that will make the joy of fans of this genre and of Linkin Park and Foo Fighters, to name just two bands.



Valeria Campagnale



 BlackHoleDream - "Wrong Direction" Offiial Video