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Band: Black Sheets Of Rain
Title: Weight Of Shadows
Genre: Hard Rock  Heavy Metal
Label: W.A.R. Productions
Release Date: 01 Apr 2019


1. Ein Sturm Zieht Auf
2 Still Spark Something
3 No Rest feat. Tony Dolan
4 Through The Storm
5 Force Of Habit
6 Weight Of Shadows


Rich Davenport - Guitar and vocals
David Nuttall - Drums and vocals
Matt Lambourne - Bass

Pretty nostalgic this Black Sheets Of Rain‘s debut EP, In The Eye Of The Storm, in which the sounds of the seventies and eighties are intertwined in a melancholic composition.
Maybe because the members of the band have a remarkable musical past, maybe because the musicality of this EP is fresh, despite the references 'old school' but "In The Eye Of The Storm" is fantastic.
 Rich Davenport (ex-See Red, Atomkraft) on vocals and guitar,  Matt Lambourne (ex-Solomon Groove) on bass  and Dave Nuttall (ex-Toy Dolls) on drums and vocals, made such a good work and I like to think of these musicians for what they can give now, rather than pointing out their past.
 I consider “The Eye Of The Storm” a gem, a delicate work in which feelings go hand in hand with music making this EP really interesting.
 After the techno intro “Ein Sturm Zieht Auf”, the combo starts to show its rock wave with “Still Spark Something“ with a melody back to the early '80s, when hard rock was in its prime. The classic guitar thrillers with Maiden style rides, a nice stylistic mix!
“No Rest”, featuring Tony Dolan (Venom Inc) is a finest deepest metal piece, so old-fashioned and structurally shady, to bring us a hypnotic temporal space. Great guitars and a persistent rhythm, with Tony Dolan's inquisitive monologue that you can't help but resist.
The groovy "Through A Storm" is a track that could remind of Judas Priest but that actually contains some great melodic lines and heavy guitars, still a mix of swinging hard'n'heavy moments that manage to have their own charm.
With "Force Of Habit" the spiral in which by now Black Sheets Of Rain have swallowed us up and down and take us in a up and down of notes and grooves, so much groove, with a mastery that leaves us rather disorientated.
Doom sounds for "Weight Of Shadows", not persistent, tonalities reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne and melody for a song that enriches the EP, thanks to the wonderful guitar solo.
And it's already finished, so fast? You have to listen to it again!
"Weight Of Shadows" is pure musicality in the wild.
I remember you that this EP talks about the experience of dealing with depression, and all proceeds from the download single (and 10% from every physical copy of the EP) will be donated to Ian’s Chain, a charity which counsels those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, and supports people who have lost a loved one to suicide. For more information
 Honestly, "Weight Of Shadows" is the first EP I happen to have in my hands in this 2019 that I can find really interesting and loaded.


Valeria Campagnale 

Black Sheets Of Rain “Weight Of Shadows”