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Band: Be For You (B4U)
Title: The Things I Never Told You

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock

Label: Volcano Records

Release Date: 1 March 2019


1. Words Unspoken
2. One With The World
3. The Lesson
4. Hope Remains (Day By Day)
5. Those Sundays Are Gone
6. Shout
7. Satellite A-9
8. Light
9. Nothing Last Forever
10. The Things I Never Told You

Line Up
Ángel A. Díez  - Voices
Jesús Marcos "Chuspy" - Drum

Eduardo Vázquez - Bass

Alfredo Arold - Guitar

David Aira - Guitar

Spanish  hard rock band Be for you (B4U) has born in León (Spain) in 2006 and it showed up in the music scene with the first album “Beyond Love & Compassion” in 2010; now the band return with an electric new work entitled “The Things I Never Told You”
"Words Unspoken" starts the album, such a brilliant instrumental work, so shortly that’s a pity to hear this piece could have been a very interesting and intriguing piece, an intro that leaves in suspense and we would have liked to hear more of these beautiful sound.
“One With The World” leads us to a playful and powerful rock sound, a cut of American’ music with melodic influences in which the band turns out to be a true talent and virtuoso  combo of musicians, the serious ones.
“The Lesson”  a solid sound that presents a catchy chorus and brilliant guitar, a powerful and fresh voice, which makes this piece well-structured in its Bon Jovi style resonances, which I said is more than a compliment…I like this song, a typical stadium piece to sing it loud.
Same for the following “Hope Remains (Day By Day)” a more delicate and exquisitely refined piece in its quality, in which the pivot is the melody and with the delicate female voice that accompanies  Ángel A. Díez  in the sung.
“Those Sundays Are Gone” differs from the songs played up to now, a piece in which perhaps more intimate, quieter and softer with  are always present excellent choirs and voice dragging, just because it manages to be different from the rest of the album, I really like it.
“Shout” is exactly as I thought it could already be by reading the title, a rabid, adrenaline-filled piece, a wild piece with perfect screaming. Tough guitars, tight rhythm and a very good bass make "Shout" a hymn, a bit like "Youth Gone Wild" could have been for Skid Row in the eighties. This song, however, differs, manages to amaze in its melodically while emanating anger, absolutely a highlight of this album.
“Satellite A-9”, another gift from the band...absolutely bright the song of pure hard rock, virtuoso guitars and impeccable rhythm for such a good entirely musical piece, Be For You don't miss a shot on this record.
Synth intro for the next "Light", an airy and bright song, interesting and relevant, while with "Nothing Last Forever”, the band proposed again a very hard melodic style.
"The Things I Never Told You" closes the album, a direct song, as powerful as catchy with equally catchy choirs impossible to erase from the mind, so much remain imprinted.
What else can I add? Be For You with "The Things I Never Told You" have won by right a place of excellence in the rock scene, an album to have absolutely in your collection of records.
Good, good and still good, that's the rock you like to listen to.


Valeria Campagnale


Be For You - “The Things I Never Told You”  Official Lyric Video