Battlesword, Banners Of Destruction, Melodic Death Metal, Self-produced, metal Message

Band: Battlesword
Title: Banners Of Destruction
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Self-produced
Release date: April 2016

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01.Spirit to the Flesh
02.The Unnamed Magic
03.Banners of Destruction
04.Grave New World
05.The Silence of Victory
06.Tongues of Hatred
07.Circle of Witches
08.Bloodlust Symphony
09.Left for the Vultures
10.There Will Be Blood
11.Where Demons Awake
12.Enemy Divine

Andreas - Drums
Ben - Bass
Axel - Vocals
Christian - Guitars
Béla - Guitars

Battlesword, created in 1999, three releases in their career “Crusade Of Steel” in 2001, “Failing In Triumph” in 2003, “13th Black Crusade” in 2008
and the latest album “Banners Of Destruction” and it’s just of this latest work I’m going to review to.  An electrifying album that shows how new and forceful is the band’ s music. Great and impressive is the Axel Müller’ voice as the other instruments musicians that created “Banners Of Destruction”.
The opener “Spirit to the Flesh” is aggressive and it introduces the powerful music style of Battlesword, inducing to appreciate their style made of heavy metal tempos and dense guitars.Same strong power in “The Unnamed Magic” in which the rough music style assures a very strong and dominant sound.
Determined speed track is “Grave New World” with melodic stains.
Continues the same style the follower “The Silence of Victory”, atmospheric instrumental seduce over a dark heartbeat while Tongues of Hatred brings carnivorous breath to the album’s experience with its intimidating air and touch. It is a trespass hungrily driven by the tenacious exploits of drums and bass but magnetically tempered by the spider’s web of animated melodies and venom lined but beckoning grooves. The track takes best song honours but soon equalled by successor Circle of Witches, a hip swinging, bone rattling stroll as flirtatious as it is predatory. Together they create the pinnacle of Banners of Destruction, a height prolonged if not quite to the same loftiness by the melodically mazy Bloodlust Symphony. It too is simultaneously a threat and enticement, Battlesword proving again they are adept at aligning contrasts.
Through the excellent Left for the Vultures where not for the first time on the album classic metal hues keenly lure ears and appetite and the tenaciously infectious and invasive There Will Be Blood, band and album hold attention with a firm hand, each of the two and especially the latter springing their own adventurous but enjoyably fierce and quarrelsome enterprise, aspects just as prevalent within the infernal temptation of Where Demons Awake, its charms woven by the ever alluring craft of the guitars.
Closed by the intensive examination sent across the senses by Enemy Divine and its hellish beauty, Banners of Destruction leaves pleasure rife. It maybe does not realise all of the bold adventure and individualism it persistently hints at but grabs the imagination from start to finish and nurtures a real anticipation for its successor.


Valeria Campagnale


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