Barros, review

Band: Barros
Title: More Humanity Please
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Label: Rockshots Records

Release date: 29.06.2018

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01. My Everything

02. Disconnect

03. Kingdom For A Day

04. Take Me As I Am

05. Tearing Us Apart

06. When It Rains It Pours

07. Live Before We Die

08. A Love That Shines

09. More Humanity Please

10. How Does It Feel


Paulo Barros – Guitar
Ray Van D – Vocals
Pico Moreira – Drums
Vera Sà – Bass

Paulo Barros' new Rock album 'More Humanity Please’ was recorded at Rec N Roll Studio in Portugal and was mixed and mastered by Harry Hess (Muse, Simple plan, Harem scarem, etc.) in Canada. The new album is made of ten songs with the distribution worldwide. Physical and digital, assured by the record label ROCKSHOTS. The artwork will be in charge of the Brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes (Gus G, Jeff Scott Soto, Kamelot, etc.) The album is comprised of very melodic and simple structures with a direct message, with an “all about the song” approach. There is a great synergy between Paulo’s guitars and Ray van D’s vocals who was also responsible for writing all the words. Ray van D’s lyrics explore themes as diverse as “Love as a driving force that goes beyond- a “Come what may” feel”, to a critical take on the formatting of Art and Music produced by corporations: "fast food music”; as well as an invitation on the reflection on the ephemerality of Life, the lack of humanity in the World today and the banality of violence in social media, our dependence on technology and a dose of humor.
Most people know Paulo Barros as the Portugal’ guitarist of power metal band Tarantula, whereas
Barros has had a solo career and he’s come back with this fifth solo album which features vocalist Rey Van D who provided all the song lyrics.
“More Humanity Please”  is a concentrated of AOR and melodic rock  made with a good grove, mood and style.
Beautiful some highlight of this album as “My Everyrhing”, "Disconnect”, the two first pieces that open this work, brilliant rhythms, perfect attitude to rock with a pretty catchy approach.
In an alternation of more or less heavy sounds, the album evolves, giving a very direct approach (very eighties) and remembering that rock music is carefree, cheerfulness, a way to let off steam.
Personally I find that this album has a special charm that manages to combine the modern sounds, fresher, with echoes of the past, as the great “Tearing Us Apart”, a melodic and sweet piece, or the introspective “Live Before We Die”.
Absolutely brilliant the tenth track “How Does It Feel”, just another great highlight.
“More Humanity Please” is definitively one of the best albums of this 2018, pure and genuine adrenaline in a healthy rock, it’s just thanks to musicians as Barros that rock music still alive and kicking!



Valeria Campagnale



Barros - "My Everything"  Official Video