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Band: Barbarossastraße
Title: Waitings In The Wings
Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Volcano Records
Release Date: 7 December 2018


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Dario “TanzarHell” Tanzarella – Vocals
Riccardo “Richie” Ciabatti – Guitars
Alessandro “Pozze” Pozzebon – Bass
Marco “Lookdown” Guardabasso – Drums

1.Here to Stay
3.Waiting in the Wings
4.Nowhere Train
6.On the Loose
7.Praise the Storm
8.Mexican Standoff
9.I’ll Do It Again
10.It Will Take Some Time


Barbarossastraße were founded in Siena in 2003. They start as a classics Hard Rock cover band in territorial live shows. In 2007 the band starts to compose and play their own material: a three songs promo is recorded including S.M.D., Hungry Skin and Away From Here, that receives air-playing by local radios. Feedbacks are many and positive so the band decides to start working to the full length debut album, recorded in 2011. When the work is over, the band signs a collaboration deal with Horus Music label and the album is released on April 2 2013, preceded by the videoclip for the single S.M.D. The album is made up by 11 original tracks and a cover song; it's well received by critical and a second videoclip for the song I Can Run is released. In 2015 Barbarossastraße begin the composition for a second album; this writing process ends by the spring of 2017 and the band enter the studio in June for the recordings. The works continue until early 2018 when the mixing is completed.
With this second album, the band shows the rock side of the eighties, which has been the master of many groups, the same adrenaline rock born of Mötley Crüe and similar.
It is with the opener "Here to Stay" that the Barbarossastraße give us an exciting start full of positive charge and that pushes us curious to continue listening to scratching and dragging riffs and with the voice of Dario that seems to come out of the album.
So we move to the next track "Backdraft" with the same enthusiasm and decidedly with greater determination, the Barbarossastraße with powerful blows carry on a really good album and we are only on the second track.
The title track "Waiting in the Wings" with unmistakably eighties references, made of guitar and good rhythm, does not disprove the spirit of the band, an excellent very catchy song.
"Nowhere Train" and "On The Loose" are certainly not less, on the contrary, both tracks bear the kind of Barbarossastraße, when it says that rock will never die, it's because there are bands like this, to keep the name high with style.
Inevitable the ballad, "Hereafter" with acoustic guitar and vocals at its beginning, but since the slow tracks are not my cup of tea, I will not dwell on this track.
The hard and raw rock is back with "Praise the Storm" which, with its catchy rock textures, turns out to be a pleasant piece to listen and it drags more and more, no yielding on this album.
"Mexican Standoff", another piece from the eighties style that reminds me a lot of the first Crue, a very engaging song thanks to great guitar riffs, the rhythm section that supports an incredible voice.
A country intro for “I’ll Do It Again” which flows into a heavy sound worthy of the best bands of Sunset Boulevard era.
“It Will Take Some Time” a semi ballad closes in beauty this very interesting album.
Barbarossastraße can be considered among the standard-bearers of a rock that resists time, fashions and sub-genres and that once again sees Italy, the protagonist of a genre that includes excellent musicians.
Do not ask me which track I prefer, each piece that composes the album is a separate chapter, each of which releases electricity and good mood.

Valeria Campagnale

Barbarossastraße - “Waitings In The Wings” Official Video