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Band: Balls Out
Title: Let Me In (I Know Someone Inside)
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: M&O Music/FM Management
Release Date: April 19th, 2019

Official Website

Band Line-up:
Pat (Vocals / Bass)
Sonny (Guitars)
Yann (Guitars)
Pierre (Drums)

Track Listing:
1. Let Me In (I Know Someone Inside)
2. Rock All Day
3. Moaning Hard
4. Worship The Fallen
5. Out Of Control
6. Hurricane
7. Drumstick Sucker
8. It’s Only Rock’n’Roll

Balls Out’s first album “Let Me In (I Know Someone Inside)” is the sing that the new wave of hard rock is there and is well massive and alive, thank goodness.
Directly from Nice, Balls Out is such a cool band, formed in 2016, it released  the EP "Too Big To Handle" the past year (2018),  in addiction, Balls Out shared the stage with Norbert Krief, guitarist of Trust, for an electric live. After opening for Adam Bomb's European tour, the band opens for Clutch in Paris, December 2018, for the only french gig of the "Book Of Bad Decisions Tour".
 In this album, the primarily influences of Kiss or Motörhead are very strong, especially in the bass riffs where evidently the bassist and singer Pat is inspired by Lemmy.
In this regard, I already congratulate you on your very rough voice and on some very rough tracks, which is perfect for the genre and the tracks proposed.
The title track "Let Me In (I Know Someone Inside)" opens the album and it's an astonish, full of pure and healthy rock'n'roll, the evil one I like so much.
A violent impact that pleasantly involves with the explosive charge with which the band starts this impressive album, thrilling guitars bouncing riffs, gorgeous drums and and a very deep and intense sounding bass.
"Rock All Day", after a rather obsessive guitar intro that resonates brilliantly, the track evolves into another energetic wave of aggressive rock, giving a captivating chorus and gems such as guitar solos that wrap around a spiral. The effect of the Kiss style drumming on the album "Destroyer" is beautiful.
We continue with the rocking drum with the next "Moaning Hard", in this track is more marked than ever the bass that alternates with high-sounding guitars that can unleash the rocker in each of us, I'm only on the third track and I've already fallen in love with this album.
If with the previous track, the bass was marked, with the next "Worship The Fallen" is the absolute protagonist, broad lines and an amazing voice reminiscent of Motörhead.
"Worship The Fallen" is an intense song with dark nuances that captures in its spirals, carrying with an intense impetus towards a sort of decline. The more I listen to this track, the more I convince myself that it is one of the highlights of this album.
'No fuckin no limits' as the chorus says, a pounding piece and the Balls Out push the accelerator as if there were no tomorrow, and yes, the band is really out of control, it's a crazy splinter that flies in the air and creeps into us. Absolutely another highlight of "Let Me In”.
Okay, now that I've determined that these guys are healthy hard rock carriers, even though I had no doubts about it as early as the opening,
The sixth track "Hurricane" can confirm it to me, diabolical musicians, of the tough ones, of those to go to see at a concert, because all the tracks have given me the impression that Balls Out is a band that if on record they spit the soul, on stage they can only be better, between great riffs like in this track and an amazing rhythm section. 2019 is bringing a wave of rock phenomenal music and I can count Balls Out as one of my favorite bands.
With "Drumstick Sucker" the band gives us a new powerful charge and, if you haven't had the chance to listen to their last work, you can't understand how much power and energy a song like this can give, always with battle guitars and a strong rhythm.
"It's Only Rock'n'Roll" closes the album and in your opinion how could it close if not in an absolutely perfect way and in full harmony with the raw soul of this record.
Great also in this track, the band sweats blood and sweat in a musicality at full speed, the beautiful one of rock, carefree and electrifying and with a vein of blues.
It's true, it's only rock'n'roll but rock is life and those who live and breathe from this music can understand how important it is that rock never dies.
Great, great Balls Out, a step-by-step album! Hoping to see them in action on a stage also in Italy, I'm going to listen again for the umpteenth time to their "Let Me In (I Know Someone Inside)" and you do not let it slip away.

Valeria Campagnale

Balls Out - "Moaning Hard"  Official Video