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Artist: Antonello Giliberto
Title: The Strategy Of Chaos
Genre: Instrumental Neoclassic Epic Metal 

Release Date: April 30th, 2019


01 The Strategy Of Chaos
02 Threat And Redemption
03 Before The Battle
04 Beata Beatrix The Beautiful Vision
05 Artemisia's Revenge
06 The Depths Of My Soul
07 Wrath Of The Northmen
08 Iron Shadows In The Moon
09 Forgotten Mists
10 Secrets From The Past
11 Alone In The Empty Space
12 Odissea Veneziana (Bonus Track)

Antonello Giliberto - Guitars and keyboards
Dino Fiorenza - Bass
Salvo Grasso - Drums

Guest Gabriels - keyboards  "Threat And Redemption"  "Wrath Of The Northmen"

Piano "The Depths Of My Soul".

The musical career of Antonello Giliberto is long and articulated, this talented Italian guitarist, inspired by classical music and dear rock, has released "The Mansion of lost souls" in 2013, "Journey Through My Memory" in 2015 and is now back with the new album "The Strategy Of Chaos" which presents symphonies and exceptional passages, power metal, classic heavy metal and orchestrations, woven together to really give us a masterpiece.
Starting from the assumption that it's not easy to describe this album, but I try, the beauty of "The Strategy Of Chaos" is the emotions it manages to give in every single track.
 Antonello Giliberto has used two exceptional musicians, Salvo Grasso on drums (Metatrone, Hypersonic, Astralium), Dino Fiorenza on bass (Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Zakk Wilde, Yngwie Malmsteen, Metatrone) and guest Gabriels on keyboards (Vivaldi Metal Project) in "Threat And Redemption", "Wrath Of The Northmen" and piano in "The Depths Of My Soul".
Brutal riffs alternate with powerful melodies in the opener “The Strategy Of Chaos”, an epic sound that overwhelms between guitar virtuosoes and orchestral airs give this piece an evocative power that manages to transport to a distant and symbolic era.
“Threat And Redemption” continues with an even more majestic and profoundly obscure sound, almost in a menacing tone the guitars present themselves as battlers until they reach a high sense of blessedness, an intense piece that emphasizes with a golden paradise the split between fury and peace.
As they say, the calm before the storm ... in the next track "Before The Battle", the intro is of an absolute quiet that in crescendo becomes a whirlwind of lightning, a sound tumult of impetuosity between sounds again epic. Both the guitars and the rhythm section take a very furious course, giving a sense of battling of strong agitation.
Beautiful is the piece "Beata Beatrix The Beautiful Vision", harmonious, airy and shining, inspired by the painting of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the most important painter of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. An emotional piece with luminous shades that alternate with shady tones and that sense of epic that never abandons us.
You know Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana"? Well, the beginning of "Artemisia's Revenge" is very similar in the only intro sung. Another very beautiful piece in its majesty, very theatrical piece I would say that it would adhere to a scenic prose. For this composition, Antonello Giliberto was inspired by Artemisia Gentileschi, a 1600s painter and the most historic figure of Artemisia I, the sovereign of the cities of Halicarnassus. Artemisia, the only woman with the rank of commander in the fleet of Serse. As you can imagine, it is another piece of dense epicism and strength given by the artistry of the guitars thanks to the virtuosity of Antonello and a tight rhythm.
"The Depths Of My Soul" again recalls a deep, dark and shady sound, a full-bodied and evocative piece, in which Gabriels' ability on the piano appears, giving a touch of greater class.
The sounds return to be epic in "Wrath Of The Northmen" always in crescendo to border on high tones to arrive at a more melodic and ambient sound that with the sound of the sea and thunder, makes the song more enriched of pathos.
With "Iron Shadows In The Moon" you can reach a rhapsodic level of sound that can carry in a parallel world and if you close your eyes, listening to it, you will feel like you're traveling far away, I had a great piece with a solid structure and virtuosims in profusion, I take for granted and never tedious. One of the best tracks on this album also if it's hard to think that one piece is better than the other.
Another amazing music in “Forgotten Mists”, enchanting and harmonious, in this piece Antonello Giliberto, Dino Fiorenza and Salvo Grasso compose an impeccable work, listening to it you feel wrapped in a sort of musical embrace that cradles between its fascinating and graceful notes.
"Secrets From The Past" remarks a legendary sound back in the epic metal genre arriving at a speed sound precisely thanks to the guitar.
Almost arabesque the sound of “Alone In The Empty Space” with a barely hinted lyric song and a musicality that could be born from Malmsteen's technique. Shortest track on the album.
The album ends with the cover of Rondò Veneziano "Odissea Veneziana", in more hefty and lively tints.
"The Strategy Of Chaos" is a great instrumental album with resonances of guitar masters such as Malmsteen or Vinnie Moore but maintaining a personal style, great work of not easy composition and chapeaux to Antonello Giliberto!

Valeria Campagnale



Antonello Giliberto - "The Strategy Of Chaos"  Trailer