Band: Andrea Cesone Trio Title: The Country Side of Rock 'n' Roll Label: Canto Libero Edizioni  Genre: Country Rock Release date: 13 April 2018

Band: Andrea Cesone Trio
Title: The Country Side of Rock 'n' Roll
Genre: Country Rock
Release date: 13 April 2018


1. Walkin in the Country (feat. M. Bencivenga)                
2. Texas Beans         
3. Tear It Up             
4. Working Man Blues             
5. Cadillac Cowboy             
6. Just Because             
7. Forever (feat. Tim Bradley)             
8. Clutterbilly             
9. I Know a Little         
10. Southbound Train         
11. That's Alright

Andrea Cesone - Guitar and Vocals
Paolo Pizzi - Bass
Gregorio Ferrarese - Drums

We dust off cowboy hat and boots, because with the album “The Country Side of Rock 'n' Roll”, the mood is just a sane Contry Rock. A rock played in great style by three good musicians, Andrea Cesone on Guitar and Vocals, Paolo Pizzi on Bass and Gregorio Ferrarese on Drums.
The album was released on April 13th current year and contains nine covers that complete the playlist range from songs worthy of representatives of modern country-rock and its evolutions and commingling, to some classics. Tributes to the exponents of the so-called 'outlaw' country as Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard and the references to the sounthern-rock vein and the first Elvis’ single “That's Alright”.
The album published by Canto Libero Edizioni contains eleven songs of which two unreleased written by Andrea Cesone, the first 'Texas Beans' is a classic electric instrumental of modern country-rock, the second, in style 'surf', sees featuring a vocal and guitarist by Tim Bradley.
Andrea Cesone is the guitarist of the moment in the field of country-rock and rock'n'roll, the most requested and very active on the scene with different musical projects. One of the protagonists of the guitar scene not only for live music and record collaborations, but also for what concerns the teaching on the national territory. Andrea Cesone in this 'line up' is accompanied by the rhythm section of the sector, formed by Paolo Pizzi on the electric bass and Gregorio Ferrarese on drums. The 'show' kidnaps the audience with a powerful repertoire with a relentless rhythm that takes in both the country-rock and rock'n'roll classics, as well as the most current tracks from the American 'country mainstream'. The title of the tour by Andrea Cesone Trio sums up the essence of the musical proposal. The ten-year experience developed by the three musicians in the American music and their musical understanding gained in the attendance of different genres, allows the trio to develop a show that grants no respite to the listener who will be captured by the valuable interplay of the three from the never free virtuosity of Andrea Cesone's guitar.
The trio has just finished a tour started in March 2017 and used the short break to produce a work representative of the repertoire and arrangements that the training offers in the live shows.
Great musicians, they reworking the lyrical and American music style, from the 50s to today has known an incredible evolution. Brilliant rock’ n’ blues in this album, absolutely excellent “Walkin in the Country” (feat. M. Bencivenga) that opens “The Country Side of Rock 'n' Roll”,     "Texas Beans",     "Cadillac Cowboy" and the highlight piece "Forever" (feat. Tim Bradley).
Difficult to decide which piece can be better than any other because each piece has an inherent soul. An album like this is to be enjoyed with extreme pleasure and enjoy the notes of these musicians who with great skill can reach a high musical level.
"The Country Side of Rock 'n' Roll"  will be pure joy for every rock country men.
Valeria Campagnale


Folsom Prison Blues (J. Cash cover)