An Erotic End Of Times, , Rock, Industrial, Goth
, Les Disques Rubicon / Echozone, Fastball Music 

Artist: An Erotic End Of Times
Title: Chapter One
Genre: Rock, Industrial, Goth

Label: Les Disques Rubicon / Echozone 

Release date: 2 June 2017

1 I Am Become Death
2 Love Is The End
3 No Rights Except To Die
4 A Freaky World
5 One Second After
6 Writings On The Wall
7 The Hangman
8 The Origin Of All Coming Evil

Erwan Frugier
Philippe Deschemin
Jeremy Grillet : Live bass
Didier Quincey: Live drum

Debut album for An Erotic End Of Times, after the good EP “Love Is The End”, the French duo (Philippe Deschemin and  Erwan Frugier), proposes the dark and gloomy “Chapter One”, out via Les Disques Rubicon / Echozone.
Originated from the industrial metal band PORN, "An Erotic End of Times" is more of a gothic band and consists of only two musicians who are supported live by a bassist and a drummer.
At the beginning, there were Kraftwerk, Joy Division and Martin Denny and so on the industrial rock raised.
In this album is completely  impossible don’t hear the echoes of the roots of this genre, a worthy work for An Erotic End Of Time, were years I didn’t heard something so interesting, a mix of industrial, goth and metal streaks with reflective significance in eight decadent songs where Nine Inch Nails meets Marilyn Manson.
In “Chapter One”, we can find remarkable endless changes in tempo that make the album a right choice and completely a good one.
Absolutely brilliant the opener “I Am Become Death”, a dark piece with  introverts notes that makes feel the atmosphere the band wants communicate.
Sisters of Mercy’ sound in "A Freaky World", an interesting song where goth music is strengthening by voice with great tones.
Virtuous also the tracks “Writings On The Wall” and “The Hangman”, where music and vocals are riches in their own flows, and where the dark goth mood  is presents in its entirety. Powerful the closure track “The Origin Of All Coming Evil”, melancholy, gloomy in its entirety. This song is one the best of the entire album, that kind of music that makes me fly away, a daydream music, a little gem into a good album.
“Chapter One” is an  impressively work, its hybrid music is fantastic, electronic mixed to rock and goth, An Erotic End Of Times could not do better for their debut. An album absolutely to have in each one dark souls’ private records collection, for who love bizarre or like me who I grew up with this genre of music.

Valeria Campagnale

An Erotic End Of Times  "Love is the End" Official Video