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Band: American Bombshell
Title: Tattooed ‘N Bruised
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: EMP Label Group
Release Date: March 29, 2019

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Track List:

01. Money On The Liquor

02. Faster

03. Run Away

04. Only Rock ‘N Roll

05. Raising Hell & Living Sin

06. Joyride

07. Stupid = Famous

08. Degenerate Love Song

09. The Bitter End

10. Pretty Fucked Up

11. My Drug (Bonus Track)

12. Saving Me (Bonus Track)


Jay Cee – vocals

Andy Nixon – guitar

Steve Boyles – guitar

Dustin Green – bass

Jason Carr – drums

Formed in 2014, American Bombshell released on 2016 ”No Regrets", their debut album. Now the quintet is back with the all-new "Tattooed 'N Bruised" released last March via EMP Label Group.
Also this time American Bombshell manage to give the audience a good dose of energy and healthy rock.
“Money On The Liquor”, first single first single released, manages to give the necessary charge and with its captivating sound, very catchy especially in the guitar riffs and refrain, great guitars and a brilliant groove make this song a piece of easy listening and immediate ability to be liked instantly.
“Faster” follows in the same mood but with the addition of a punky musicality and at the same time captivating, manages to maintain the shockwave suffered by the opener, great song!
With "Run Away" the tones change and you find yourself in a song that although supported by a strong rhythm and well-settled riffs, the atmosphere becomes quiet and American Bombshell give us a slightly softer sound in which the voice of Jay Cee is clearer.
“Only Rock N Roll” is a concentration of power and that mood that makes the sound of the band a very appreciable feature, a classic piece of rock'n'roll in the old style. Here too there are very powerful and vibrant guitars, a top rhythm section and a voice that is always up to speed and without any kind of low moments.
Great riff opens the following “Raising Hell & Living Sin” one of the highlights of the album, a typically American rock track, one of those that can not remember the golden times of the eighties, thrilling guitars and so much good groove.
“Joyride” is another piece typically 80's, acoustic guitar, vocals and rhythm section that quietly follows this ballad that tastes a bit like a piece of Poison and I personally like it as it is, the classici are always nice to listen to it's nice that these songs bring back both nostalgia, both to the fact that there are bands like American Bombshell that carry on a tradition.
It's time to return to sounds more marked with "Stupid = Famous", beautiful bass lines and the voice that manages to interpret each song a different form.
Same for the following “Degenerate Love Song” with such great sound, mood and groove that create a well-constructed, definitely catchy piece, always with brilliant guitars and ready to give battle
Another highlight is ““The Bitter End”, such a good piece with funky nuances and vaguely reminiscent of a 70's rock.
Absolutely catchy "Pretty Fucked Up", Supersuckers’ cover, beautiful version between hard rock, punk and glam hints. A true and definitely more captivating than the original one.
The two following track are bonus, previously released on vinyl and in digital format.
 The first is “My Drug” a stunning guitar and bass in this piece, while in the second track “Saving Me” is an explosive charge of punk rock.
American Bombshell’s “Tattooed ‘N Bruised” is such a good album, great voice, dazzling music and striking rock.


Valeria Campagnale


American Bombshell  - “Saving Me"  Lyric Video