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Band: Am Samstag
Title: One
Genre: Rock, Grunge
Label: Black Market Music
Release Date: 8 March 2019


Gaby Varela - Vocals, guitar, drum programming
Stephy Grand - Bass
Baptiste Maier - Drums

01 - Meatballs
02 - School Books
03 - Queen Of Hearts
04 - You Make Me Feel


Intended to be a live side-project, Am Samstag is a power rock band formed between Lausanne and Bern.
Drawing on influences from the bands that gave birth to the grunge movement in the late ’80s and early 90’s, the members contact Jack Endino, who have collaborated with their favorite bands and is considered to be the father of the grunge sound. The latter accepts to produce and mix the four songs at his Seattle studio.
With an expected worldwide release on February 8, 2019, am Samstag’s first EP, “1”, is a journey back in time, composed of broken vocals , aggressive guitars, muddy-fuzzy bass and powerful drums. Am Samstag’s first shows will start on February 8, 2019.
Four tracks for this EP, well presented by the vocalist Gaby Varela that shows her talent in a Nirvana’ style, perfectly normal considering the kind of grunge that the band offers. It’s just with the opener “Meatballs” we can enjoy these vocalizations and the rough sound, with such a good bass line, hypnotic drums and guitar brilliant riffs.
The following “School Books” does not lose the rhythm, indeed, with his guitars and the sing-song voice, it is a piece that manages to catalyze attention with consequent headbanging …Good the double male towards the end.
“Queen Of Hearts” is perhaps the most melodic song of "One", characterized by heavy guitars and always very present but that basically make this song catchy.
To close this work, Am Samstag present us “You Make Me Feel”, another piece full of purely grunge sound, between hard rock and punk. The bass triptych, guitar and drums, also in this track succeeds in its intent, with hypnotic moments alternating with the apparently suffered voice.
In summary, "One" is a good debut EP for this band that seems to come from the American West coast, it denotes both the technical and musical ability.
If you love the Seattle sound, you’ll love Am Samstag’ ”One”.



Valeria Campagnale