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Band: Alive
Title: Lookin' For a Future
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Volcano Records
Release Date: 29 March 2019


1. Hated If
2. Don’t Follow
3. Money&Control
4. Leave Me
5. Stand Up
6. Lookin’ For a Future
7. Our Last Time
8. Stay Around
9. N0
10. In My Nights

Marco Patrocchi – Vocals
Simone Aversano – Guitars
Giuseppe Ricciolino – Guitars
Mattia Tibuzzi – Bass
Dario Di Pasquale – Drums

Alive is a new hard rock band that blandes the energy of its debut album with the rock tradition.
Indeed, the group of five aims to keeping the hard&heavy sounds ‘alive’, which are re-proposed in a modern way, featuring current topics.
The band has been founded by the guitarist Giuseppe Ricciolino. After he met the singer Marco Patrocchi, the project come to life. Shortly after that, it has also involved the bassist Mattia Tibuzzi (Engine Driven Cultivators).
The group was finally completed when the drummer Dario Di Pasquale (Setanera) and the rhythmic guitarist Simone Aversano (ex Thrillz) jpined the rest of the band.
Already interviewed in Rockers And Other Animals, the band released “Lookin’ For A Future” on 29 March 2019 via Volcano Records.
A pure hard rock album with ten tracks in which the band takes influences by bands like Mr. Big, Van Halen , Skid Row and Mötley Crüe, everything played with extreme freshness and new personal sounds, of course.
Alive band is one of the Italian realities to be discovered and we immediately go into their album with the initial track “Hated If”, a captivating sound thanks to the guitar with virtuoso solos, catchy choirs, a good rhythm and a good voice, a song that in its being purely hard rock, brings with it a melodic line that makes the song very pleasant. A song accompanied by a funny video whose protagonist is a nice blue puppet.
Absolutely spatial is the following track "Don't Follow", between a very pressing rhythm in early Mötley Crüe tyle, to be clear, backing vocals and choirs typically 80's and with the addition of a very present guitar that can embroider an interesting structure.
The virtuosity of the guitars creates the very rock'n'roll track “Money&Control”, guitars that can be compared to Steve Vai’ style, but not only, is the well-developed rhythm section that makes this song even more full-bodied, absolutely brilliant with such catchy chorus.
Less aggressive is the following "Leave Me", a lighter and more airy piece but no less interesting, followed by the ballad “Stand Up”.
Let's get back to an adrenaline rush with "Lookin' For a Future", another good track in which the band manages to combine a great hard rock with a melodic line.
Even more aggressive is "Our Last Time", in which the most robust rhythms and the wildest guitars return.
With "Stay Around", Alive gives us again an aggressive and rough track in which the voice is perfect in the interpretation, as well as in the rest of the album. Once again we find some catchy choirs, one of the most interesting points of "Lookin' For a Future", as well as the previous "Don't Follow" and "Money&Control".
Even "N0" is a particularly brilliant track, with a sound halfway between Skid Row and Crüe, to highlight the very massive drums.
This album ends with the melodic ballad "In My Nights" that creates a melancholic and enveloping atmosphere between sustained rhythms, harmonic voice and softer guitars, that is, the perfect ending for this work.
Brilliant album for Alive It's not my habit to write votes in reviews but "Lookin' For a Future" deserves 10/10. In short, Alive promoted with full marks!

Valeria Campagnale


Alive - “Hated If” Official Video