Band: Alchem
Title: Viaggio Al Centro Della Terra
Label: The Triad Rec
Release date: 11 June 2018


1. Behind the Door

2. Spirit of the Air

3. Il canto delle sirene

4. In My Breath

5. Viaggio al centro della Terra

6. I Don’t Belong Here

7. Butterflies Are Singing

8. Armor of Ice

9. Viaggio al centro della Terra – Fragments of Stars

10. Pioggia d’agosto


Annalisa Belli – Vocals, Keys

Pierpaolo Capuano – Guitars, Drums, Flute

Luca Minotti – Bass & Programming

Alchem were born almost twenty years ago from the union between the talent of the guitarist Pierpaolo Capuano and that of the wonderful interpreter Annalisa Belli.”Viaggio Al Centro Della Terra” sees guests such as Emilio Antonio Cozza (Emian) on the violin, Diego Banchero (Il Segno del Comando) on bass, Manuel de Petris on violin, Paolo Tempesta on bass and second guitar, Massimiliano Fiocco (Ragno 89) on drums and Alessandra Trinity Bersiani (Glareshift).
The different influences, as Kate Bush, Opeth, My Dying Bride and King Crimson, give a sound very particular to the Italian Alchem.
This album manages to enclose dark sounds, dark settings and lighter, radiant sounds.
"Behind The Door" is the door that literally opens the band to us, a passage into this work full of atmospheres, A very soft voice that of Annalisa that carries us for the duration of the song, almost rocking out, as if she singing a dirge. Interesting keyboards in a such a deep music.
In “Spirit Of The Air” the sound approaches a symphonic style, firmly reasserting that the song maintains a prog and alternative soul.
“Il Canto Delle Sirene” with bass and guitar intro, it becomes gradually a song so intense and varied with sounds that it almost manages to approach the doom.
Dreamy the track “In My Breath”, in which the violin faces a sound that goes from the folk to the prog.
Electronic atmosphere for the title track “Viaggio Al Centro Della Terra”, Jules Verne would be enthusiastic about this piece as a background in reading his novel. Truly a beautiful song.
Bass, guitar, and flute open the following “I Don’t Belong Here”, difficult to explain in words, but to render the idea, it's like a melancholic jazz progressive.
“Butterflies Are Singing”, another interesting piece, as well as “Armor Of Ice”, more close to metal style.
The penultimate track “Fragments Of Stars”, can not live up to the whole album, while "Pioggia D'Agosto", a song that closes this work, is a very beautiful piece.
Excellent album for this Italian band, Alchem isn’t a band to enclose in one genre, Alchem offers a deep music style and in an elegant way.

Valeria Campagnale

Alchem - “Il Canto Delle Sirene””