Band: AdvenA Title: Realität  Genre: Progressive Metal Label: Self release
Release date: 16 December 2016 

Band: AdvenA
Title: Realität
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Self release

Release date: 16 December 2016

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2 Herztod 
3 Lass es regnen!
4 Splitter 
5 Aurora 
6 Phoenix 
7 Am siebten Tag
8 F F A 
9 Der Wille
10 Alles was glänzt (Instrumental)
11 Wasser zu Wein 

Daniel “Dan” Esterbauer - Vocals / Lyrics
Chris Kolias - Guitar / Composition
Dominik “Dodo” Jagenteufel - Guitar / Vocals
Dennis Stirner - Drums
Florian “Gumpi” Gumpoldsberger: Bass

AdvenA, German progressive thrash metal band from Bad Griesbach in the Rottal. Founded in 2012 by Florian Havemann and Christoph Kohlmeier, the band was originally conceived as a Metalcore project, but in the course of a short time turned into a quite individual cross between Progressive Metal and Melodic Death Metal. The composed and digitally arranged songs quickly take on more complex forms (from melodic patterns on guitars, cross instrumental solos, to sampled synth passages or orchestral soundscapes). Lyrically, the whole thing is supported by multi-faceted guttural and clean vocals in German.
The opener "Realiät" in which an intro with bells and piano, continues during the all pieces. Loud guitars and pleasing keyboard additions. The growl is typical of the genre.
“Herztod” another piece in which guitars and rhythms result to be destructive and in which      melodic and thrash are mixed together. All this album is an alternate of melodic death
metal and trash aggressive sounds.
The multiplicity roughness in this album, made it interesting, a relevance made of good grotesque guitars.
Female voice in “Splitter” and “Phoenix” interfaces with the male voice in a considerable work.
Another brilliant track is “Aurora”, so powerfully and majestically; I particularly appreciate this piece with the instrumental “Alles was glänzt” almost close to an industrial sound, absolutely great.
“Realität” is a good debut album for AdvenA, a multifaceted work in which the band attitude is more intricate than a simply progressive metal and honestly enclose the into a category is too reductive.
Waiting for their second release, we can enjoy this one.


Valeria Campagnale



AdvenA - "Lass es regnen!"