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Band: Wildroads
Album Title: No routine lovers
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Volcano Records
Release Date: 7/06/2019


1. Bad girls got the fire
2. Rollercoaster
3. Rules of the world
4. Bring you to the stars
5. Lords of Babylon
6. Mindfucked
7. Way to God
8. Mr.Grey
9. Love song
10. The night belongs to the wild

Michael Cavallini- Voices
Nicola (Nik) Capitini - Guitar
Giulio Antonelli- Guitar
Kenny Carbonetto - Bass
Stefano Morandini - Drum

Wildroads are a hard rock band formed in Tuscany (IT) in 2001 from guitarist Nik Capitini, 2010 the band released the first EP. Two years later,  Wildroads released the first album "Riding On A Flamin' Road” produced by FP Studio.
In November 2016 recording the new album “No Routine Lovers” and released in this current year via Volcano Records. I mean, it's been a few years to see their return and, the ten tracks contained in the album, are fresh and in tune with the hard rock attitude, while sadly to say, not excelling  in originality with which they have always proposed, This is a pity because in reality the band is good.
There are some songs that stand out more than others, such as the scratching "Bring you to the stars", beautiful and engaging where the guitar stands out with good powerful riffs, or the opening track "Bad girls got the fire" that explodes magnificently opens the record, even the track that follows "Rollercoaster" is an interesting song and full of vitality and dynamism.
Sounds very close to eighties rock bind all these tracks in an album that doesn't shine of originality but of enthusiasm, of desire to play a hard rock with which we all grew up.
Then there are the sweet notes, those of "The night belongs to the wild" that match the intro and not only, of "Wanted, Dead Or Alive" by Bon Jovi, but it goes without saying that the song is catchy, cute.
The only song that really stands out is "Way To God", suggestive and with metal veins with good atmospheres.
For the rest, "No Routine Lovers" is a 'summer' work of those who listen pleasantly under the sun, basically well played but nothing original.
Personally, I'd like to tell the WildRoads guys to try to find a more specific entity because bands like Bon Jovi and all those who created the hard rock sound of d'oro, can only be an influence or a reference, nothing more.


Valeria Campagnale



WildRoads - "Mindfucked"