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Band: Wheels Of Fire
Title: Begin Again
Genre: Aor / Melodic Rock
Label: Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group
Release date: June 7, 2019


1. Scratch That Bitch

02. Lift Me Up

03. Tonight Belongs To You

04. Done For The Day

05. For You
06. Keep Me Close

07. Heart Of Stone

08. You'll Never Be Lonely Again
09. Another Step In The Dark
10. Call My Name

11. Can't Stand It

12. Wheels Of Fire (European Bonus Track)

Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri: Vocals
Stefano Zeni: Guitars
Federico De Biase: Keyboards
Marcello Suzzani: Bass
Fabrizio Uccellini: Drums

Special guests:
Gianluca Ferro: Guitar Solo

Ivan Ciccarelli: Percussion

Susanna Pellegrini: Backing Vocals

Maryan: Backing Vocals

Marcello Spera: Backing Vocals

Matteo Liberati: Backing Vocals

“Begin Again”, third album for Italian melodic hard rock band Wheels of Fire was just released a few days ago via Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group and it contains twelve excellent pieces
in which it denotes the musical maturity of the band, grown up and become very strong, you understand from the beginning in the opening track “Scratch That Bitch”. An energetic piece in which hard rock is the main point of this album, an 80's rock that despite the freshness of the sound and the band itself, is very marked, a sound that accompanies the entire album and is fine like this, we at Rockers And Other Animals like it exactly as it is. Brilliant guitars with an excellent solo, great drumming, that make their way from the beginning of the song with compact and robust rhythm and a very clear voice and melodic e catchy chorus. I mean, a great start to getting us into this new work.
Scratching guitars for the intro of "Lift Me Up", a song with a catchy grip and where the choirs and guitars play an inviting duet, the keyboards are always present and an easy refrain, let's say it could be a song from radio broadcasts.
“Tonight Belongs To You” is another fresh and powerful song, with wraparound Federico De Biase’ keyboards and always brilliant guitars, excellent musicality that makes you want to turn up the volume and listen to this song even to neighbors, just like I did ... A classic hard rock song very airy, bright and appealing. Beautiful is the voice that manages to keep perfect vocals even in this third track.
It follows in the wake of hard rock with "Done For The Day" that reminds a little 'Bon Jovi old-fashioned, as vaguely they can remember the previous songs, but you know, Bon Jovi are one of the bands that made the history of rock and can not be banned from being present with their musical influence.
Once again, the rhythm section is excellent, the guitars and the voice that amalgamate to form a beautiful musical picture.
If with the previous songs Bon Jovi could be vaguely remembered, with the next "For You", it is impossible not to recognize the influence that Jon Bon Jovi has in Wheels Of Fire. Beautiful semi-ballad that recalls the golden years of American rock with an excellent interpretation. Beautiful keyboard sounds and ubiquitous stunning guitars.
Let's go back to a more marked and rough sound with "Keep Me Close", a track with heavier characteristics and with an unquestionable appeal.
It's time to go back to a purer hard rock with "Heart Of Stone", another song that makes you feel at home, managing to convey the energies of the band in a single piece. Stefano Zeni's guitar is absolutely exceptional, giving us precious solo and powerful riffs.
"You'll Never Be Lonely Again" another song with a rock hardening feel, such a good piece.
The next "Another Step In The Dark" has a different handle, more marked and personal, becoming the song that manages to emerge for originality compared to all the songs present, thanks to a heavier sound that manages to coexist with the more delicate one of the keyboards, all corollated with choruses
that make the song very suggestive that develops into a very good piece.
Bon Jovi echos again for “Call My Name” for a classic ballad, while “Can't Stand It” with the taste of the eighties, and the pretty cool hard rocker “Wheels Of Fire” ends the album, as bonus track, it’s in totally 80’s mood, such a good song with chorus and brilliant guitars.
Summing up, "Begin Again" doesn't give us anything new, sounds already heard and as I said at the beginning, it's fine, because rock is rock, of any period can be subject and despite the strong references to the past, it's basically a good record, well played and animated by excellent instrumentalists.

Valeria Campagnale



“Scratch That Bitch” official video