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Band:  Vovk
Title: Lair
Genre:  Stoner Rock, Progressive Rock, Post-Hardcore
Release  Date: 2019


1. Endless Waterfall

2. Ancient Times

3. Something

4. Forest

5. The Last Ship Above the Sky

6. My Own Private Thoughts (feat. Igor Sydorenko)

Oleksandr Kuts - bass, vocals
Oleksii Chervoniak - guitars, vocals
Dmytro Krasnenkov - drums

Igor Sydorenko (Stoned Jesus, Krobak, Voida)
Igor Cherepanov (Aghiazma)
Katya Gapochka

Faster stoner, progressive, post hardcore and math rock mixed together, genres that mixed together generate the sound of the Ukrainian band Vovk which presents a debut album of a total of six tracks, in which stands a captivating style and no doubt personal.
“Endless Waterfall” opens this album  in a melodious way with progressive rhythm and heavy sound.
Interesting piece in its composition and such a good start for the album that will surprise us more.
Heaviness and gloomy the following “Ancient Times”, perhaps one of the best piece of “Lair”, the twisted and distorted sounds, accompanied by a very pounding and constant rhythm, manage to give a vibe very claustrophobic and dark, beautiful piece really.
The dark atmosphere continues in "Something", a heavy melancholy that manages to show the musicality of this original band, stands out for the brilliance of the sound of the bass guitar.
With "Forest" the dark lines leave the scene for a song that is always melancholic but more airy and harmonious, the bass is always present and the voice, as in the rest of the album, is very subject to the interpretation of the mood.
Also for this song, the style is well outlined in a mix of different musicality that still create a sound robust and never boring.
With "The Last Ship Above the Sky" the band goes deeper into the prog genre thanks to the intro and then thunders into heavy, stoner alternations while maintaining a prog style. A rather interesting track both for its musicality and for its desperate and poignant singing, which, as I said, is identified in the pieces. Excellent rhythm and well marked tones.
Last track, "My Own Private Thoughts", with the participation of Igor Sydorenko, sees the band engaged in another hybrid track, halfway between stoner and prog, a piece that manages to emerge among the songs proposed for 'dark brilliance' in a heavy sound.
Vovk’ debut is good, “Lair” is an album in which music is not an end in itself but a continuous search for suggestions and ideas well interpreted, a record that deserves to be listened to more than once to be able to grasp all the nuances.


Valeria Campagnale


Vovk - “Something”