Voidfire, review, melodic black metal, rocker and other animals

Band: Voidfire

Title: Ogień Pustki
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Release date: 28  February 2020


1 Bladość 

2 Światło Cierń 

3 - 

4 Kwiat Pustki 

5 Sztorm 

6 Ogień Pustki 

Jakub M. Zdzienicki - guitars and bass
Łukasz Sarnacki - drums
Krzysztof 'Virian' Sobczak - vocals
Jakub Lisicki - lyrics

I'm not a particular aesthetician of Black Metal, but I've always listened to everything and some bands manage to stand out among the many proposals, the Polish band Voidfire is among them, just one listen to understand that the melody on this album is able to emerge.
The frontman, guitarist and bassist, Jakub Maciej Zdzienicki, sends me this email so enthusiastic that I couldn't help but be infected by his spirit.
Among the many promos I receive and they are many, there is something good, the underground is a hotbed of ideas but not always brilliant. The Voidfires band manages to entertain, between melancholy and sorrow.
Voidfire was founded as an instrumental project in February 2018, in Juneof the same year, the drummer Łukasz 'Icanraz' Sarnacki (known mainly for playing in Devilish Impressions, Corruption, Abused Majesty, Christ Agony, among many others) joined the band.

Voidfire decided not to make Voidfire an instrumental project in the end; they joined by Jakub Lisicki, a lyricist, in August 2018 and by Krzysztof 'Virian' Sobczak, a vocalist (known for his work in Lilla Veneda), in May 2019.

Voidfire are based in Białystok, Poland. The debut album, entitled 'Ogień Pustki', is a concept album based on the theme of finding artistic inspiration in emotional suffering and its style can be described as melodic black metal.
“Bladosc” starts ‘quietly’ with guitar before black metal starts to with its powerful sound woven with an intense melodic interlude before forcing riffs start again, good music directions efforts this piece as well as the whole album.
Rough and intense is the following “Światło - Cierń”, same style for this track, in which melody overlooks to attenuate the tones, good guitars and rhythm section accompany the vocals.
The third track “-“ is my favorite one, very intense, gloomy, desperate, one of the most intense piece of this work.
“Kwiat Pustki” manages to go beyond, in addition to the intensity that the band expresses, there is a gothic background that manages to blend with the balck metal, intense bass.
Atmospheric sounds for “Sztorm”  that after the storm shows no calm, far from it, is pure ferocity of a desperate vocal.
“Ogien Pustki” is the final piece in which the style of the band is again emphasized, melodic flashes interspersed with that balck metal that deeply alternates.
Excellent debut test, we look forward to further development and long life to Voidfire.


Valeria Campagnale