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Band: Vague View
Title: To Hell With Heaven
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 2019


1. The Blasphemist
2. To Hell With Heaven
3. Sleepers
4. Open Eyes
5. Succubus
6. Thin Skinned
7. Beast
8. False Prophecy

Dondi Welvaert - Vocals
Nigel Verrecas - Guitars
Fre Gereels - Guitars
Thomas De Baere - Bass
Miguel Ryde - Drums


The Belgian metal band Vague View, formed in 2017, released this year the album “To Hell With Heaven” which includes some particularly brilliant songs and we will gradually discover them together. Suffice it to say that this band is a full-throttle, captivating and in a sense 'destructive' sound explosion.
We start immediately with the opening track "The Blasphemist" which is nothing more than a musical intro, which does not leave indifferent, guitar distortions followed by bass and drums for a dark atmosphere that heralds an introspective EP. 
To pick up the sound as we left it, is the following "To Hell With Heaven", a piece full of anger with a desperate voice to interpret a song in which in addition to emerging a good bass, stands out greatly the drums with a rhythm obsessively continuous and well marked, to emphasize the temperance of this piece.
Halfway between metal and hardcore is the next "Sleepers", which sees the band more aggressive and maintaining a very dark style made of shadows and dark corners. Once again the drums are excellent, the riffs are very powerful and the bass continues to run while maintaining a musical balance in the piece.
"Sleepers" is one of the most important pieces I was talking about before, and it stands out for its vehemence and its interpretation.
n "Open Eyes" the air gets heavier and more frenetic, speed metal, thrash, hardcore, in short pure metal, with guitars that wrap in a vortex of furious notes. Second highlight of this EP.
Vague View also surprise us with the darker notes of "Succubus", a song with well marked characteristics that point to a deliberately obscure and dramatical sound, a great song in which to appreciate more this band.
"Thin Skinned" is the third highlight of "To Hell With Heaven", a great test of voice, guitars and rhythm that creates a compact wall. A piece of the genre should be left free on a stage to enjoy its wild state, because a song like this must be heard live.
Another surprise is "Beast" that with its initial melodies deceives us a bit, then explodes into more aggressive sounds despite those nuances between melodic and brutal, between light and dark, with the same intensity the band unravels between these variations and succeeds perfectly.
The great ending these guys give us with "False Prophecy", another intense song and always gloomy style that marks the EP.
A hardcore closure to seal that the Vague View band  is prepared both compositionally and professionally, an EP that presents a group capable of not falling into the stereotype and to keep alive the welcome for the inexhaustible work. 

Valeria Campagnale


Vague View - "Sleepers" Official Video