Twisted Tales, review, Bringer Of Woe, Rockers And Other Animals, Thrash

Band- Twisted Tales

Title - Bringer Of Woe

Year - 2019

Genre - Thrash

Self Release



Line up:
Ljubiša Đorđević - Vocals and Rhythm Guitars
Miša Milovanović - Lead Guitars
Nemanja Velicki - Drums
Stevan Dinić - Bass


1. Snake Eyes

2.Bringer of Woe

3.Bittersweet Sorrow


5.Slow Down

6. Open Eyes and See...




10.Trapped Under Glass

11. Misanthropia

12. Before I Go To Hell and Burn

In the early days of this Serbian band made a kind of melodic Death. The band was created in Kursumlija in 2004 but the following year they were separated by musical differences. They returned in 2009 with the reformed band and in 2012 they released their first work.
Serbian thrash metal band Twisted Tales  releasing its second studio album “Bringer Of Woe” on September and worldwide released free on YouTube.
The band presents a mixed product between old school thrash and new elements, nothing really strange nowadays as various bands love to mix old and new sounds but probably this divide the purists of the genres with a more huge public that loves discovering new waves in thrash style.
Still, Twisted Tales has created an aggressive, raw, album with the live action mood, that you like these crossovers or not, a listening this album is worth it.
Giving importance to their refrains. these guys accelerate into s speed mood making the latest release perhaps more commercial than the first album but no less interesting for this reason.
Just listen to the good opener intro ”Snake Eyes" and, the title track itself is a niece piece. With “Bittersweet Sorrow” the band shows a really brilliant talent, from the beginning to the end of the song, and right in the end he manages to surprise more.
“Father” is probably the most intense track that can be listened to dragging in a groove substantially captivating but it is with the following "Slow Down" that this sound becomes more important, combining its own style to more old school resonances.
“Open Eyes and See”, the most longer piece of the album and, “Hellfire” shows once more the band direction.
“Human” can be the less intense piece but with “Sheol” the band gets back to the right rhythm and accompanies us to the excellent "Trapped Under Glass".
So good is “Misanthropia” with its that gives a great atmosphere, pretty good, really.
Ends this album “Before I Go To Hell and Burn”, good but not exceeding the previous track.
Substantially a work rich in sounds back in time with flashes of modernity, a style that thrash very influenced by different shades.
As I said, "Bringer Of Woe" really deserves to be listened.

Valeria Campagnale