23 September 2020

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Band: Turbosnake
Title: Big Things Coming

Genre: Hair/Glam Metal
Label: Independent
Release Date: July 29, 2020


1. One Woman Wrecking Crew
2. Dogfight (the Fight of Your Life)
3. When Love Comes Alive

Ryan Thomas - Vocals
Eric Roelofsen - Bass
Andrew Tapley - Lead Guitar
Grant Rushton - Rhythm Guitar
Greg Keegan - Studio Drums
Dana MacCabe - Backup Vocals


Dana MacCabe – backing vocals


'Big Things Coming' is the debut EP from TURBOSNAKE. It contains 3 songs, each exploring a different space of the hair metal genre. Every song feels like it would belong in the middle of any 1980s hair metal playlist.

Big Things Coming contains what other bands made marking the glam story and it's pretty nostalgic for who like me loves this genre.

Turbosnake did a nice work with this EP,  all the elements are crunchy and catchy, two foundamental points  and we can hear them in the opener “One Woman Wrecking Crew” of which the band made the video. With the voice probably inspired by both Brett Michaels and Vince Neil.

"Dogfight (The Fight of Your Life)" is another plunge into the past, a dejavu in which I hear the sound of Def Leppard and really good riffs to which we must add a mention to the voice because it reaches excellent vocals.

If up to here the band Turbosnake delighted us with two 'classic' songs, we couldn't miss the ballad that I would say is a must.
And it is with this song "When Love Comes Around", that the band takes us back to the magical world in Bon Jovi or Night Ranger style with beautiful choirs and good harmony.
Whether it was to carry on the glam or to revive the glories that were, honour to the band, because with three songs these guys managed to hit the mark and take me back about twenty years.
"Big Things Coming" must be listened to at the highest possible volume.

Horns up for Turbosnake and wait for the album!



Valeria  Campagnale