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Band: Temple of the Stars
Title: Nightspirit
Genre:   Folk/prog/rock/metal
Label: Inverse Records
Release Date:  May 10th 2019


1. Nightspirit
2. Fields of Time
3. In the Forest Sky
4. Mist of Morning
5. Chains of Fate
6. Cycles
7. Ages
8. Lands of Old


Tobias Tåg: Vocals and all instruments except bass.

Niklas Norrgrann: Bass

Temple of the Stars is the new band of Tobias Tåg who is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Korsholm,  “Nightspirit” sounds melodic, nocturnal and folk atmospheric rock and prog elements give a particular value to the whole album, that kind of work hard to explain as some album has just to experience and listen to in first person.
The album sounds mystical with its various contaminations, starting since its beginning with the opener and title track “Nightspirit” with its elegant melody touches, the same ones we find in the entire album.
“Fields of Time” presents again a delicate sound with the flute as intro, fragile track in which guitars is articulated in delicate folk tones.
The following “In the Forest Sky” can give a sense of peace and quiet, an elegant piece of great pathos
and if you can be fascinated by this song, you will be further with "Mist of Morning", which makes us live and breathe a dreamlike feeling between its velvety enveloping sound.
"Chains of Fate" is melody and elegance, a sort of light that illuminates this interesting album, a piece made of delicacy and refined music.
Tobias Tåg and Niklas Norrgrann still give us a lot of appeal with the following "Cycles" in which musicality manages to lull us into a parallelism of our existence.
“Ages”is instead a very different piece and touches more rock sounds, while remaining in an almost new age as the previous songs, only that extra touch, qualitative, of an alternative and much sought after rock that makes it particularly fascinating
With "Lands of Old", the two excellent musicians greet us with a delicacy of song that sums up the peculiarity of this beautiful album, halfway between unreal and intangible musical world in which they dragged us, and a light but deep rock.
“Nightspirit” is a very distinctive album which makes us appreciate this multitude of enchanting sounds, sometimes magical, which may remind us of mystical legends.


Valeria Campagnale



Temple of the Stars - "Lands Of Old"  Official Video