Tempest Rising, Alter Ego, Metal, Firestarter Music, rockers and other animals, review

Band: Tempest Rising
Title: Alter Ego
Genre: Metal
Label: Firestarter Music
Release date: 16 August 2019




2.Fuck The Scene

3.Slight Everlasting

4.Burn Them Down




8.Curb Your Stomp

9.Ostracize Me

10.Escape The Sky



Line up:
Vin Trikeriotis  Vocals
James Ward-Armstrong  Guitar
Matty James Drums
Jarrad Cracknell Bass
Daniel James  Guitar

A unique and powerful live band, Western Australia’s Tempest Rising hit the road as often as they can. Since 2012 they have toured anywhere and everywhere – from gleaming capital cities to dusty outback towns – forging themselves as one of the most distinctive and engaging metal bands in the country. Kicking off 2019 with a bang, they have emerged from the studio with a ferocious new album, also having just returned from their first European tour. Following on from 2014’s Transmutation, Alter Ego finds Tempest Rising heavier, groovier and more musically ambitious than ever.
“Alter Ego” follows the debut album “Transmutation” (2014) with more maturity, the music influences are nu metal and thrash with melodic mood, surely more different between the numerous bands of the new generation.
The intro “Fuck The Scene” opens with an aggressive thrash while the melodies of “Slight Everlasting” are more closest to Iron Maiden, very classic metal, just a pleasure to listen to.
“Burn Them Down” is definitely pure energy, very rough, very powerful, great atmosphere, followed by the another good track “Singularity”, more hardcore.
More intense, groovy , vibrant and with a very personal and passionate soul are “Duplicates“, “Ghosts”,  “Ostracize Me” and “Escape The Sky” with the brilliant work of Matty James on the drums.
“Curb Your Stomp” and “Breathe“,  are more closest to a melodic rock, thanks to classy James Ward-Armstrong and Daniel James’ guitars and the brilliant Jarrad Cracknell on bass.
“Alter Ego” shows the various facets of Tempest Rising, an album in which the band can result as good with heavy sound, as with the melodic mood.
A special mention for the singer Vin Trikeriotis who he is at ease both in metal and melodic tracks.
Good work and very good musicians.


Valeria Campagnale