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Stereo Pharaoh
Release date:  1st January 2020


1. Kitty Riptide 
2. Tinnitus
3. Ultragotha
4. Right Now
5. Spoon & Key
6. Hangman
7. Running Away
8. Morphine
9. Marketbasket
10. California Rain
11. Old School Obese Horse
12. Dozer

Cody Legacy Laughner (Vocals/Guitar)
Michael Padasak (Drums)
Elle Laughner (Bass/Artwork)

Stereo Pharaoh, founded by Cody Legacy Laughner in an effort to create his vision of what he felt rock music has been lacking in the past couple decades.
Drummer Michael Padasak was recruited to play drums because of his high energy, heavy hitting style and the chemistry was undeniable.
Over the course of a year and a half, Stereo Pharaoh's first album was fleshed out, arranged, recorded and now we gearing up to hit the road and remind people of what rock & roll should be. We are starting out with gigs in our closest city, Pittsburgh PA, with our friends King Catfish in May. Influences include Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Black Sabbath, and Ramones.

Simply define rock the Stereo Pharaoh’ music it's almost reductive, maybe because the influences of the band are multiple, ranging from pure rock to punk, passing through various facets.
Take for example the opening track “Kitty Riptide”, punk’n’roll, such an excellent start with all the verve of rock mixed with the aggressive punk, they convince the guitars and the rhythm, which pushes them hard. The voice is in line with the genre propoto consists of a good vocals and ductile component to the songs proposed.
More stoner is the following “Tinnitus” one of the beautiful sound sides of this group, also in this song the compactness of this trio is very evident and manages to appeal.
Seventies psychedelia with a vaguely prog style and remarkably rock in “Ultragotha”, one of the most interesting piece of this album, creativity and sound intertwine perfectly aligned with the musicality of “Catastrophile”.
Good also the following songs “Spoon & Key”,  “Hangman “ and “Running Away”. Special mention to “Morphine”, such a brilliant piece with good riffs and mood, pretty rock track, in which the band shows all the love and passion for rock’n’roll.
The rest of the album continues in the same way, in fact it’s with “Marketbasket”, “California Rain”,  “Old School Obese Horse” and the last track “Dozer”, we have a series of songs that are essentially excellent both in quality and execution.
If you want a good rock album, if you’re looking for new sound with seventies roots, “Catastrophile”, is the right album.



Valeria Campagnale