13 October 2020

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Band: St. Madness
Genre: Metal
Label: Nasty Prick Records




1. Made in China
2. Bloodlustcapades

3. Walk Yiur Own Path

4. He’s Riding a Harley in Heaven


Lineup: Prophet - Vocals

Syd Ripster - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Svarlet Rivers - Bass
Big Daddy Sug - Drums
Nasty Prick Records has recently put out the new and 11th full length CD by ST. MADNESS and  released 4 songs.

ST. MADNESS started in 1993 under the name "Crown Of Thorns" but in 1997 we found out that there was actually a christian rock group in New Jersey that had trademarked the name back in 1991 two years before we started to use it.  The CD we had out at the time was called, "The Spiritual Visions of St. Madness" so Marge our manager and my lady and I did a worldwide search with our attorney to see if anyone had the name, "ST. MADNESS".  It was available so we trademarked the name on the spot and have been "ST. MADNESS" ever since.

ST. MADNESS' music is traditional Heavy Metal with Hard Rock, Groove  and Thrash  metal facets, this ensures that the band has a personal identification.

Very emotional is the Southern Rock influenced “Walk Your Own Path” , while with “Bloodlustcapades” the band show how aggressive it could be, brilliant guitar and heavy mood.

“Walk Yiur Own Path” is such a good piece of classic rock, brilliant track  Prophet wrote for his son Dylan who is the bass player and backing vocalist of the Arizona modern metal band, Emerald Isle.

With "Made in China" the band abandons rock and metal to explore a punk base.

As a Harley Davidson fan, I can only appreciate the strong “He’s Riding a Harley in Heaven”, very powerful with a vibrat guitars and rhythmic. Prophet wrote in memory of his stepson John (8/6/78 - 7/3/16)

The whole four tacks are pretty good and I'm sure the album BLOODLUSTCAPADES  must undoubtedly be powerful as the four musicians are very brilliant.



Valeria Campagnale