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SOCIAL SCREAM - Organic Mindset album "Organic Minds" 10 Μarch 2020 - Heart Of Steel Records

Uncompromised heavy metal with thrash inluences is what the Spartans Social Scream present in what appears to be their 3rd full length album! The Greeks did a nice job and released a good album.
Based on heavy and thrash riffs, "Organic Mindset" manages to deliver the old heavy metal feeling.
The lead guitars have a warm tone that maintains the aggressiveness giving the songs a nice
atmosphere. The vocals are aggressive, angry and crispy.

The production is nice and not old school worship, so you will listen to some modern elements here and there.
The single  Truth Divider  is a catchy song that filters most of the ingredients of the Social Scream style and a nice choice for a single.
Other noteworthy tunes are  Sun and War Demons  and the epic instrumental Taleton.
Social Scream guitars/riffs are punchy with heavy metal grooves and thrash style. The songwriting is
good with many nice ideas. I would love the drums to have a more  sound. The bass is very nice and audible.
If you like Testament, Anthrax, Metallica of the Black Album and Judas Priest,  you will find a good listen to Organic Mindset.