Silent Winter, review, Rockersa And Other Animals, The Circles Of Hell, POWER METAL

The glory days of Power Metal are for sure hidden back in the 80's. Some bands made it to the 90's, but by the end of the millennium only the strong had survived. Many had changed style. Others had disbanded.

Silent Winter were formed in the 90's. So, they smelled and captured the essence of the real Power Metal thing. They may disbanded in their demo days due to reasons, but the seed was already sown.

More than 20 years later they re-activated the band and offered us a nice EP entitled "The War Is Here". In this EP they showed their intention to play solid heavy/power metal like it was played in the old days.

"The Circles of Hell", their first full length album validates this attempt in the best possible way. Songs like "Soul Reaper", "Follow the Night" and "Keeper of the Light" honour the Helloween/Gamma Ray power metal heritage.

Silent Winter have a huge respect and love for heavy metal from Judas Priest to Manowar and Iced Earth. The spectrum for them is wide within the genre they play.

"Silent Cry" is a very different song in the album. It has a folk arrangement and could be on any of the folk metal albums of the last decade. Really lovely tune with awesome soprano vocals with a northern European air and the vocals of Mike Livas in an avant garde/Helloween role!

Silent Winter are in great shape! They released an excellent heavy/power metal album. The songwriting in “The Circles of Hell” is fantastic and they have one of the best vocalists around in their style! What more to ask? Forget all digital stuff and, if you can, support the band.