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Selefice  - “I Met a God”  (17 May 2019, self-released)

It seemed that Greece since the late 80's always had something to offer to extreme metal music. Born in those days, Selefice are no exception. After a rough 3 track demo tape in 1991, a demo which clearly showed their intention to play doom/death metal, they released their only full length "Where is the Heaven" in 1993 and disbanded shortly after. "Where is the Heaven" remained an obscure gem only to be excavated and re-released a quarter of the century later. The reissues of this classic album for the worldwide doom/death scene led the band to a reunion and "I Met a God" is their comeback mini album.
The core members remained active in music through the years and when the time was right they reactivated the band with 2 new members on the rhythm section. "I Met a God" is their first attempt to enter again the scene. And they succeed in it really well.

4 tracks of almost 25 minutes length are enough for Selefice to show the band's dynamic and ability to play solid extreme metal with doom, thrash, death, even black metal influences. The band seems to have digest all the golden metal years of the 80's and 90's and they deliver with ease their own interpretation of them in a unique and own way. They also show influences from non-metal genres like gothic, dark wave, progressive rock and psychedelic rock which is really interesting, especially since all the above styles are processed in their own style.

The songwriting of Selefice is quite unique to be honest. Thrash riffs are followed by ultra heavy riffs, slow doom passages that owe a lot to Candlemass, and through progressive measures they end up to the psychedelic rock of Camel and Pink Floyd before going thrash again (listen to “I Met a God” song). On the other hand it's really interesting how they build up memorable songs with simple riffs proving that simplicity is not easy (listen to “Kol Haneshama”).

"Mora" is the official video of the mini album and it is a very nice song that sticks to your mind with the stressed vocals agonising “Mora, Mora, Mora... Coming in your sleep at Night...”, but to be honest all their songs have many things to offer the listener and make a very beautiful listening experience. The same titled "I Met a God" is a little prog diamond where the production of Acid Death's mainman Savvas Betinis seems to have made miracles for Selefice including many acoustic parts that change to sheer doom heavy themes and then to thrash riffs. "Kol Haneshama" is a fantastic mid tempo song with many acoustic and groovy parts. The song is so fresh that it can be compared with the freshness of the latest Rotting Christ albums. On the other hand, "Damned" is an old song recorded for the first time. It's fabulous groove made me nostalgic for the old metal days of the 90's.

However, Selefice don't seem to be nostalgic at all. With a great mini album like “I Met a God” out there, they have already made their comeback statement and make us eager to wait for more!



Valeria Campagnale