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Band:  Scythe For Sore Eyes
Title:  Nothing
Genre:  Metal
Label:   Inverse Records
Release date:  3/5/2019


1. MFR
2. Never Like You
3. Take the Fight
4. Black Monday
5. Philosopher's Stone
6. You C(o)unt
7. Hate to Love You
8. Not Human
9. 370HSSV
10. Clockwork
11. Daylight, Darkness
12. Spiders in the Attic
13. Are we Old

Timo V - Vocals
Muti - Drums
Jape - Guitar
Timo R - Guitar
Tomi - Bass

"Nothing”, second album for Finnishe metal band Scythe For Sore Eyes, after the debut album "Dawn of a Darker Horizon" released on 2015.
To simply define this band as metal is reductive, Scythe For Sore Eyes’s guys insert in fact different influences such as rock even the streaks of dark, or goth as you prefer to define it, a good mix which creates a particular sound and therefore not substantially closable to a single genre. The opener "MFR" contains all this, already giving an anticipation of this album.
“Never Like You” has a heavier rhythm in which metal meets melodies and stunning guitars sounds more closer to thrash and epic metal, The voice and the rhythm section are excellent. Vaguely dark, it's one of my favorite pieces of "Nothing", because it's out of line and out of context.
Even more gothic style the beautiful "Take the Fight" that in some ways reminds me of the sounds of bands like HIM. A very intense song that manages to create a dark atmosphere with a remarkable bass and guitars always in the foreground that can emphasize this deep air. Even the voice is much more delicate and gives a sense of peace in which to abandon and be lulled by the vibrations that it carries with it.
"Black Monday" is a piece that brings us back to more robust sounds, reusing to mediate heavier sounds with others more melodious, while in the next "Philosopher's Stone" the acoustic intro  a bit deceived, I imagined another potentially dark atmosphere branod and instead it's a track more inclined to metal with alternating moods between heavy, dark and melodic moments. Once again the chameleonic voice proves its expressiveness.
"You C(o)unt" instead has a more rock and lighter orientation even if the metal influences never leave the tracks of this album and even this track is able to convince in full. More than excellent guitars that play swirling solo and riffs.
The darkest sounds come back with the excellent "Hate to Love You", a goth ballad that manages to arouse a melodic personality, while with "Not Human", the band returns to be more aggressive contaminating its sound metal with flashes of punk, creating a good result.
Another interesting track is "370HSSV", very heavy with hard rock references, powerful voice and powerful guitars and an obsessive rhythm, make this track, another taste of how much Scythe For Sore Eyes can be multifaceted in its musical identity.   
It's hard to give a definition to "Clockwork" that oscillates between metal, ballad and rock. Melodically well structured, it's a song in which the voice faces in a softer way between guitars and rhythm typically in metal style.
With "Daylight Darkness" we return again to a darker sound where the voice hints at the sung growl while maintaining its melodious tone.
Keeping this dark vein, "Spiders in the Attic" is once again an excellent ethereal composition, another remarkable piece that continues to show the darker and more melancholic side of the band and that I personally appreciate very much.  A song that is poignant, melancholic and melodious, ending with a voice in growl, beautiful.
Heavy style for closing track "Are we Old" with good powerful riffs that keep the song's level high along with a massive rhythm.
Summing up, "Nothing" is a good creative album, certainly not for purists of the heavy metal genre but for palates more refined and inclined to a diversified sound that manages to coexist more influences in a single work. Scythe For Sore Eyes are very good and they have been able to create songs of atmosphere by hinting at rock, dark and metal for an original composition.

Valeria Campagnale



Scythe For Sore Eyes - "You C(o)unt"