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Band:   Sandness
Title:   Untamed
Genre:   Hard Rock
Label:   Rockshots Records
Release date:   14 June 2019


01. Life’s a Thrill
02. Tyger Bite
03. London
04. Never Givin’ Up
05. Easy
06. Pyro
07. Radio Show
08. Tell Me Tell Me
09. Only The Youth
10. The Deepest Side Of Me
11. Until It’s Over

Mark Denkley – Bass guitar, lead and backing vocals
Metyou ToMeatyou – Drums and backing vocals
Robby Luckets – Guitars, lead and backing vocals

Third album for Italian hard rock trio Sandness, formed in 2008, the band released on 2013 the album “Like An Addiction” and on 2016 “Higher & Higher”.
Three years since I reviewed their second work for an American webzine, yet it seems to me yesterday. I remember that album well, I liked it a lot, a lot of verve and healthy hard rock. The same imprint I find here in "Untamed”, with the difference that in the meantime the band has grown and matured, bringing to light a more cohesive and dynamic album.
With echoes definitely coming from the rock we all grew up with, Sandness manage to give a boost to a genre that will never abandon theirs and our roots, just listen to the opener "Life's a Thrill" to realize the vital energy that these three guys have and how much they can create in their own personal style. Good mood and thrilling guitar for a rhythm full of energy and brilliant voice make this track an absolutely catchy track that winks at sleaze heavy rock.
"Tyger Bite" rides the same wave with its fresh and jaunty sound, once again marking the track towards captivating and a bit pawdy sounds, with excellent riffs and sharp solos.
And here's "London", single that anticipated the release of the album, a track with a hard and heavy sound accompanied by a good melodic line and definitely catchy, great track of healthy rock.
The following track "Never Givin' Up" plays a lot on bass lines and a very robust battery, oriented towards the genre sleaze, is another catchy and catchy piece in which voice and choirs lend themselves to a very important role.
Another song with a rock'n'roll soul is "Easy", also here we find bass lines in evidence and a heavier and more serious mood than the previous songs, in this song you can listen more to the evolution of the band in recent years.
A pause of reflection with "Pyro" in which Robby Luckets' virtuosity appears on guitar and after this little soft break, we return to rock in the wild with "Radio Show", which catapults us back into the way of Sandness, that is, more catchy and melodic in which the energy and vibrations that he loves can only be positive, an excellent refreshing and lively song.
A Poison’s  Unskinny Bop style intro (but how old have I been in the meantime?) for the next "Tell Me Tell Me", again a very catchy and fresh piece, with an evergreen sound that not only reminds me of American har rock, but also gives me a feeling of pleasure for its purely light-hearted and shrewd style with excellent musicality between drums and sparkling guitars.
"Only The Youth" and we turn the knife back into the fold of's an energetic piece, with tireless guitars that look like whips, very good also the rhythm and, as always, the voice.
"The Deepest Side Of Me" is a less aggressive, more melodic piece that differs slightly from the music listened to so far, maybe a bit introspective, more mature and with a creative streak. Structurally very good, it's one of the best tracks on this record.
We've come to the end of this beautiful album with "Until It's Over" with sounds that tend towards the AOR but keep the roots of classic hard rock, a good confirmation that Sandness can and want to cross any border of the rock genre.
With "Untamed", the Italian band Sandness and I'd like to point out Italian, is confirmed as a reality of the excellent quality that the Italian soil continues to have, great album, great potential for this trio that has no nothing to envy to the highest names in the hard rock scene.
I don't put votes, as I usually do by choice, but if I had to, "Untamed" would definitely deserve 10.

Valeria Campagnale


Sandness - “London” Official Video