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Rejection "A New Age of Insanity" (19 December 2019)




A 6 year silence was enough for Rejection to throw back a stone right into our unsuspecting face with their new album "A New Age of Insanity". The Greeks made a strong comeback. Paving the Pantera meets Sepultura school of groove, adding clever Slipknot metalcore themes and using the bulldozer sound engines of Fear Factory, they release a good brutal post hardcore/modern metal album.
Rejection is a modern/groove metal band from Greece. Although Greece doesn't seem to have a tradition in this style, Rejection put Fear Factory, Lamb of God, Pantera, Slipknot and Sepultura in the blender and give out a very nice result. With the addition of thrash riffs and beatdown hardcore slams the album is a guaranteed mosh-pit favorite. Let's take a closer look on the album.
They seem to take the best of their instruments. They seem to have worked a lot on their songs before entering the studio to record them. Their songwriting is very good. It's simple, core and effective. Every song gives out the necessary energy straight to the audience. The production of the album is also very nice assuming this was not a very high budget work like the works of Rejection's influences. However, the production still takes out the best of the band and presents their style with all the energy and aggression it requires.
The downtuned guitar grooves are endless be it with aggressive and sharp riffs or with palm muted beatdowns. The case is the same for Rejection; aggression, brutality and moshing. The vocals vary in tone and style from core to death/grind. The rhythm section is also doing a nice job although it could be heavier and more huge in order to compliment even more the guitar work.
Songs I enjoyed the most out of the “A New Age of Insanity” album were "Eyes of Glass", "Superiority Complex" and "Piece of the Action". However, the album had a very nice flow for me and I enjoyed it as a whole.
The guitars are groovy, heavy and sharp to serve each song's needs. At parts they maintain the melody while other times their palm muting is of industrial heaviness.
The rhythm section is heavy and strong, powerful as a horse on a race. Maybe it's a little bit behind in the mix though.
The vocals have many styles for the genre and that's nice. They are brutal, then death metal growls, then hardcore or post hardcore groovy and in other parts emotional and more sensitive. 
Standout tracks are: "Wash it all away", maybe the most Pantera song of the album. Then "A New Age of Insanity" that has a sick hardcore moshpit groove. Rejection strike back with a good album.