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Band: Rain Or Shine
Title: The Darkest Part Of Me
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
Label: Perris Records
Release date: 1/11/2019


01 The Darkest Part Of Me
02 Top Of The World
03 New Love
04 Where Are You Now
05 Around The Corner
06 Shot Of Life
07 We All Back Down
08 Back On Track
09 Into The Storm
10 We Only Live Once

Steve S.R. -  Vocals, guitar, bass, vocals and keyboards,
Andy R. McCormick - Drums

The Greek melodic hard rock duo Rain Or Shine, formed in 2013 by Steve S.R. (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards) and Andy R. McCormick (drums, percussion) is back with the second album “The Darkest Part Of Me”, after the debut “"Seize The Night" in 2014.
The influences of 80's hard rock are felt, and very, in this new record, giving a decidedly vintage imprint to a fresh and modern sound.
"The Darkest Part Of Me" opens “The Darkest Part Of Me” great start that shows the goal of the duo, playing hard rock creating catchy and impactful pieces. Although this track has a pop rock sound, it manages to make its way and get us involved to take us to the second track "Top Of The World”, not a hard rocking piece but really closest. Good guitar and 80’s style with such a brilliant mood, nice refrain and chorus, a kind of hit radio.
“New Love” is more closer to Bon Jovi style with a pinch of Skid Row during the "Slave To The Grind” year while, in “Where Are You Now” is a slowly piece with 90’s imprint but honestly, more closest to a pop piece than rock.
Folk country influences for the nice “Around The Corner”, good guitar sound and easy listening mood.
With “Shot Of Life” Rain Or Shine resumes the hardest rock rhythm, the real one, even if it doesn't reach the previous "New Love", it approaches, showing some very good guitars and an excellent rhythm.
"We All Back Down" continues with a decidedly hard rock sound, very loaded, 80’s imprints in it  with excellent chorus and thrilling guitars this’s pretty rock’n’roll, guys.
Good also the semi ballad “Back On Track”, typically languid and sweet and always winking at the past, is beautiful, there is nothing to say.
So cool the following “Into the Storm”hard rock just enough without departing from the style that distinguishes the album, that is, a rock melodic and tending to pop. Fresh and pleasant chorus, especially on the guitar solo that shows a good level.
Other beautiful song is “We Only Live Once” that closes the album, a song so easy and melodic, sweet and gentle reinforced by an excellent rhythmic structure.
Rain Or Shine with "The Darkest Part Of Me" present a very fresh and pleasant album, with light and very melodic colors. Beautiful are the songs oriented towards a harder rock where Steve and Andy move easily and if I can give a hint to these two musicians, I would say that given their remarkable abilities, they should move towards a more compact and less melodious style.

Valeria Campagnale




Rain Or Shine - "Top Of The World"